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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“Astonishing, how in just four days…”

Yes, I did receive my order. Astonishing, how in just four days I have really seen an improvement in the condition of my gums.


“Oramed was the ONLY thing that helped with bleeding gums.”

I only recently started taking Oramed and it truly did begin to work. I had badly bleeding gums to the point where I was frightened. Dentists are very expensive and I had not been able to go to one for years. Thanks to an inheritance I have been able to go to a dentist lately and have been getting treatment. I am in Canada so any statement I make about my dentist will not impact on your government rules.


However, I must say that the Oramed was the ONLY thing that helped with the bleeding gums. It significantly slowed down the bleeding and was great for leaving a super clean minty taste. I do feel that the use of Oramed helped with my gums and perhaps has enabled me to have less surgery on my gums. I am still using Oramed instead of my regular toothpaste as it seems to do a better job.


My dentist has only seen me for a month and has no basis to go on as far a Oramed helping me. I have mentioned your product and will be more than willing to tell anyone anywhere about how great it is. Thanks and good luck.

Stephanie P

“…bad breath I had was off for at least 6 hours after use.”

Thank you for writing to me. In fact I was thinking of writing to you to make another order.

Could you kindly send me another bottle of OraMD. Initially I found that my teeth were loose after using, probably because OraMD had removed the plaque under the gum causing the teeth to shake a little, but after prolonged use everything was normal. I found that the bad breath I had was off for at least 6 hours after use. Now I feel more confident in talking to people. I need to use it more frequently and I’m using it 3 times a day. In the past I found that I started to get bad breath about an hour after brushing my teeth but now it lasts longer. I need to get back to the site to order one more because there is no order form here.

Yours sincerely

Amelia L

“I can tell you this product works !!!!”

i started useing the ormad product about 3 to 4 months ago and i can tell you this product works !!!! my gums are not red anymore and they do not bleed anymore this product not only helps your teeth and gum’s but it will give you fresh breath, I plane on ordering more in the future.

Danny B

“I no longer have to endure this costly procedure.”

OraMD has work better than I had hope for. At the time I place my order my dentist was about to send me to an Orthodontist for extensive gum treatment of gingivitis. Since using OraMD I no longer have to endure this costly procedure. I will be making another order to use sparingly to ensure that my dental problems will not return.


“I don’t see any bleeding.”

I suffer from chronic bad breath. When ever I would brush my teeth it was like a blood drive at the blood bank. I would bleed a lot. After about three week of brushing with “Oramd” drops now I don’t see any bleeding.


“I would buy the product from you and GIVE it away”

My dentist name is Larry Hicks 801-278-4607. You are welcome to talk to him but I have not been in since use of this product. i used it to cure sore throats, bad breath and ginivitus and bleeding gums. It has helped immensely in all areas, and I gave some to my sister who was having trouble also. I am very happy with this product and would like to order more.

I have been offering OraMD to my clients now since August 2003 and the feedback is almost startling. Knowing what I know now, I would buy the product from you and GIVE it away just to get people away from conventional tooth paste. But since the growth in popularity, I just haven’t that sort of time so I do truly appreciate your taking over the distribution and sending me a fair commission for my efforts in spreading the word. I really didn’t expect that. You see, I have recommended products like fitness equipment and nutritional supplements for years and never saw a dime for my recommendations. It’s refreshing to finally meet someone with business integrity. I also appreciate the fact that as long as my referrals remain customers, you say I will continue to get a kick back. I am not a greedy man but when the president of a company I promote is vacationing in Tahiti and I am stuck vacationing in my friend’s backyard at a BBQ, something is wrong with that picture!

Thanks again for everything!

Don L.

“…my teeth feel cleaner with oramd”

Hi, I received three bottles of oramd this past thursday and have noticed some very positive results. I was taking a product called profresh to keep bacteria in check and brushing with profresh toothpaste; $20.00/month for the combo. I noticed that my teeth feel cleaner with oramd and my breath is fresh and natural. Plus a boon of my digestion getting a boost.



“…very satisfied with the result.”

Thank you very much for your utmost kind e-mail. Yes, I have been using ORA MD for over a month now and am very satisfied with the result. I plan to continue using your product and will recommend it to my friends and family as well.

I thank you for your kind attention,

Best regards,

Rattiya K

“Since I’ve been using OraMD, the red streaks are gone”

I have gingivitis and extremely sensitive teeth. My gums had dark red streaks running from the bottom of the gums up to my teeth and my gums hurt almost all the time. Since I’ve been using OraMD, the red streaks are gone, my gums don’t hurt or bleed anymore. They just feel sooooo much better. When I ran out, I thought I would just try using paste again for a little while to see what happened. Well, that was a mistake. After a week my gums were hurting, the red streaks started coming back and my entire mouth felt ucky…I love this product.


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