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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“100% improvement in my dental state.”

I am now ‘hooked’ on your product after experiencing a 100% improvement in my dental state. For years I have suffered with an inexplicable (at the time) ‘soreness’ of mouth and gums plus mouth ulcers galore!



After some web-surfing a few months ago, I came accross your site, read your advice and decided to try your product albeit with a degree of scepticism! How fortunate for me! I have since abandoned all traditional tooth pastes, mouth washes etc and use Oramd exclusively. I have even ceased my ‘chewing gum’ habit although I would like to obtain a healthy alternative one day!!


After initial problems with the ‘taste’ of Oramd, my daughter persevered and is also discovering its benefits. For a young woman, her problems were quite serious and too lengthy to explain at this point. However, she too confirms a tremendous improvement in her dental condition and hopes one day to report an ‘infection-free’ regime! There are one or two of my friends who have yet to take action but I am still ‘working’ on them (for their own benefit, naturally). Thanks again for this lovely product which worked wonders for me personally! I am grateful too for your advice and tips!


My kind regards to you and the team!


Yours sincerely

Ron N.

Merseyside, England, UK

“Thank you for inventing this stuff!”

I have been on OraMD for over two months now. I just went to my dentist for my teeth cleaning appointment and they said they could see how much improvement there was in my gums. I was very pleased with this report, because even though I never miss my dentist appointments (twice a year) and have always brushed and flossed, I have not had a good report on my gums for the past two years. The dentist said they were a little redder than they should be and I was starting to get slight pockets. I also have a family history of reseding gums. After just two weeks of using your product I started to notice that my gums were starting to be much higher between each tooth. The redness left and my gums had a nice healthy color. I also see that the reseding gums are higher and much tighter around each tooth. I had one eye tooth that was not getting any better and I thought that was kind of odd since the other ones had marked improvement. Anyway, about a week ago I could start to see a change and that reseding gum is starting to move down and look healthier. For some apparent reason it just took longer to respond to your product.


Your product is a little awkward to use at first, because you always use toothpaste and for the first 3-4 days it kind of feels like you are not cleaning your teeth properly. I don’t mean that in a negative way, because my teeth felt cleaner, my mouth fresher than it ever did when I used toothpaste. But, what I mean, is that it is hard to break old habits and it was just very different using the oil versus toothpaste. I am very happy that I am using OraMD and I can see a big improvement in my gums.


I also have my sister and brother-in-law using it. I wanted to first see what my dentist said about my gums before I started sharing the info with others. I also ordered your whitening product and that is very nice too and very reasonable in price.


I just want to end by saying that I can’t believe that the dentists do not promote this product or maybe they do not know about it? If something can work this good – why isn’t it out on television commercials and in magazines so others can learn about it and enjoy the benefits it has to offer???? We need our teeth for a whole lifetime – I love how great my teeth and gums look right now.

Thank you for inventing this stuff!
Marcia B.

“When I ran out of OralMD the contrast was blatantly evident.”

Thank you so very much… Actually I have just used this product for 2days only and already I can see and FEEL the improvement…I was hesitant, but wow, I love it….thank you soo much in helping resolve my dilemma.


You have a great product, which should be available in stores everywhere. Of course when you’re talking mandatory shelf fees, the far reaching utter bureaucracy of the American “health care” system, and many other hurdles; I’m ecstatic to have found your product Having used the first bottle too quickly, I ordered three more bottles this time (and keep one in my purse, bathroom, kitchen) – my gums are much improved and as the product endorsement letters say, my teeth actually feel clean – when I ran out of OralMD the contrast was blatantly evident. Regular toothpaste should be illegal. I do have a very problematic loose tooth but am confident this will continue to heal with diligent use of your OralMd. Certainly the freshness aspect cannot be denied – this alone is truly a joy. My teenaged daughter and son have been brainwashed into using toothpaste and mouthwash – one has InvisiLine and the other has an expander in preparation for braces; hope I can convince them to try OralMd!!!

Very Gratefully yours,

Mary G.

“After one week of use my gums stopped bleeding completely”

My new dentist asked me if anyone had ever told me I had gum disease. NO! I was furious. I searched the net an found your site and ordered 3 bottles of OraMD, which came to me in the UK within one week!

After one week of use, my gums stopped bleeding completely. My new dentist still thinks I should alternate with fluoride toothpaste, however, I am more impressed with OraMD!

Thanks so much. I look forward to more good results.

Yours sincerely

Linda Taylor

“I love the fresh feeling it leaves in my mouth”

hi thanks for checking back with us,my wifes gums used to get almost unbearably hot, after just seven days using oramd twice aday she says her gums don’t get that hot any more , also the redness has gone and she feels her mouth to be a lot better. as for me i love the fresh feeling it leaves in my mouth .my gums also look alot pinker and feels just great, thanks

again for such a fine product, i remain your friend and satisfied customer,


“I really like your product”

I really like your product and have recommended it to my friends. The real
test will come when go for my 3 month check up and cleaning, December 20th. I will let you know my results. Thanks for staying in touch.




“Stained color disappearing and my teeth are whiter than ever.”

Before I started using oramd I had severe bleeding gums and I had several teeth that the gums itched constantly like I had something caught between the gums and tooth. I have been using your product now for about 3 months and I just came back from the dentist last week and they said for not being to the dentist in 5 years that my gums were in great shape.


I did have one problem and that was the area that I was just talking about, She said I had a #5 pocket but if I continue to brush that that can be corrected. The dentist came in later and asked how long it had been since I had seen a dentist and when he saw there was no major problems with my gums he could not believe it. I told him what I had been using and he said “keep using it it is working great”.


I have focused my brushing with oramd in the area of the #5 pocket and it has quit itching. Also I used to use tobacco years ago and due to that my teeth were stained a yellow color but with oramd I have noticed the stained color disappearing and my teeth are whiter than ever.

I have no bleeding gums. But most of all I hated brushing but since I have started using this product I brush all the time 2-3 times a day and I use it several times a day as mouth wash. It has promoted a good addiction because I like the way my mouth and teeth feel and I love the fresh breath and the product lasted me over 2 and 1/2 months using it all the time.This is truly a remarkable product. God bless you and your company.


Pastor Donnie

Children’s Pastor

“I used to suffer…till now”

Hi, I have now been using your product for over a month. To make things clear I am a very sceptic type and do not beleive in hype or special products. So I started using Mouth Doctor only as a last resort. My first experience was that it tasted horrible but I got used to it after just a couple of times. I assume it doesn’t have all those extra artificial additives to it to make it taste good as in commercial toothpastes.

These are the effects I have noticed till now:

1. A sudden superb improvement in mouth breath.(bad breath)

2. After the second week my gum doesn’t seem to bleed anymore when brushing my teeth. This was a problem I had expereinced for years.

3. I used to suffer nearly every second or third week from mouth ulcers and infections, none till now.

And beleive me I am hard to please.

Victor Scicluna


“My dentist said that I did not need a Root canal”

My dentist went as far as obtaining permission from my insurance to go ahead and do a root canal. While the insurance answered, I went ahead and started using OraMD . This was in August 2002. I went back to the dentist in January of this year, 2003 and my dentist said that I did not need a Root canal and I have stopped using ORALMD, however, I need to go back to it as another tooth is now bothering me and the last thing I want is a Root canal if it can be avoided, I will know for sure in July when I go back to the dentist again to see how are things with this new tooth that is bothering. By the way, I was having problems with bleeding gums and I no longer have that.

Thanks OralMD!!!!


“I love this product.”

I have gingivitis and extremely sensitive teeth. My gums had dark red streaks running from the bottom of the gums up to my teeth and my gums hurt almost all the time. Since I’ve been using OraMD, the red streaks are gone, my gums don’t hurt or bleed anymore. They just feel sooooo much better. When I ran out, I thought I would just try using paste again for a little while to see what happened. Well, that was a mistake. After a week my gums were hurting, the red streaks started coming back and my entire mouth felt ucky…I love this product.



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