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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“My teeth have the same feeling after cleaning by the dentist.”

Before trying the OraMD my wife and I had just completed a series of costly dental visits. My wife was scheduled for dental surgery for receding gums which was going to be both expensive and painful. Her condition was causing bad breath, bleeding and pain. We both noticed and improvement within a few days. For me, I noticed a fresh and clean feeling in my mouth. My teeth have the same feeling after cleaning by the dentist. My wife noticed such improvement that she postponed her dental surgery. We are both excited by the fact that the dentist approved the decision because the condition of her gums improved so much. We have just ordered a new supply and intend to use OrMD for good dental health. it pays for itself many times over in savings on dental bills.

A great product.

Greg Forbes,
Ottawa, Canada

“OraMD has prevented me from getting colds and sore throats”

In 3 weeks, I have already seen an improvement in my gums around my crown. They are not as swollen and red as they used to be before using OraMD. The only area that is slightly red is the area of the gum directly above my bridge. I think this will improve in time. Also, I think your brushing with OraMD has prevented me from getting colds and sore throats. I like your product and will continue to use it. Your literature states that OraMD is made from all natural products. What exactly is it made from?

Thank you for introducing me to such an excellent product!

Marlene F.

“It gives you a good morning “zing”

I love it! I will definitely be ordering more. I carry this one in my purse and will need an extra for home and 2 for my family. C. Brown will be ordering today or tomorrow. I am spreading the word. The flavor is not as stout to me as it would be to others, because I have become more familiar with natural, herbal flavors over the past 2-3 years. In fact, the flavor is quite pleasant and refreshing. It gives you a good morning ‘”zing” and leaves the teeth feeling clean and invigorated. I really love this product. I apologize for not letting you know that I received the order. Have a wonderful day.

Name withheld by request

“…truly quality product. REMARKABLE!!”

Yes, I did receive my orders and I am already so excited because I’m seeing results so quickly!! My gums are beginning to be a noticeable pink rather than the shiny red on a couple of spots, breath is so fresh- I had a tooth on the front bottom that was getting loose. Everyone said that it was useless, that I should have it pulled, but I hated the thought of it and just keep hanging on, hoping for something that might save the tooth. After using ORAMD, this tooth is not nearly as loose and the gums around it are getting tighter. I really cannot believe my eyes and there was no way that I expected all of this to happen. I was hoping only for SOME relief and would’ve even accepted much less, as I was convinced that I would ultimately lose my tooth in the end. Now I have more than hope. I’m watching this miracle happen. Every day I see improvement. I’ve even started my 3 year old grandson on it, so that he gets used to the strong taste (at first). All your claims have been true, at least for me. I am somewhat dazed by it all..This is the second product I have ever ordered that actually produced real results and I am so grateful to you for providing this caliber of service, but even more importantly, for offering what I now know to be a truly quality product. REMARKABLE!!

I cannot adequately express my thanks and gratitude to you.

Mary Edwards

“I first started using oraMD..something is definetely happening”

I will tell you one thing – this stuff is a miracle potion – I was about 3 months away from having gum surgery because I was told I have receding gum lines (hereditary) where the only solution was major gum surgery.


In June, I have to have a follow up appointment with my dentist and “supposed” surgeon for the gum surgery. I am anxiously awaiting this appointment because I want to hear them say “What on earth did you do to your mouth!” I can see now after one month of using oraMD that my gums are healthy pink, there is no bleeding whatsoever, my teeth do not feel loose at all and I can actually see more gum coverage over my teeth then when I first started using oraMD – so something is definetely happening – I just want to hear my dentist confirm the fact that I may not have to have gum surgery afterall!
I will write back at the end of June to let you know what my dentist says! Thanks for your support! Also, how do we refer this product because I am sure he will ask me what I’m using!!



“Help the chronic canker sores inside her mouth”

My daughter Wendy told me about OralMd. She had found OralMD when searching on the internet to find something to help the chronic canker sores inside her mouth . . . whenever she would bite the inside of her mouth it would turn into a painfull sore. After she had been using OralMd for a short time the sores no longer materialized, her gums improved and she got a glowing report from her dentist about the lack of plaque on her teeth. It was after the dentist appointment that she felt confident enough about the product to recommend it.

I have experienced the same results. It’s true that the “stout” nature of the product was a bit off-putting at first, but after several weeks it’s a pleasant and refreshing taste that I look forward to. This is a product that I can now confidently recommend.


Gloria Davis

“I am seeing a great improvement in my Gum problem.”

Thank you so much. I am seeing a great improvement in my Gum problem. I tried so many other products before, but none never works as good as yours. I been using it for about two months now. I will keep you posted of more information.

Thanks again and may God continue to Bless and use your company as a source of Oral healing. You are the best so far, keep up the good works.

Yours Sincerely


(New Zealand)

“Saved my family … $4000.00 in dental bills.”

I wanted to let you folks know that you have saved my family somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000.00 in dental bills. We decided to try OraMD after one of us was diagnosed with periodontal disease in its beginning stages. The surgery alone was going to cost $4000.00. Our insurance company was going to cover some of the cost, but definitely not all, and it scared us into avoiding dentists until we could figure out what to do. Last week, a new dentist was shocked to see the improvement over the past 6 months using OraMD. He asked for the name of the product and will be ordering some himself very soon! This is a true story!

The other one of us, has a problem with cold/canker sores. They crop up at the most terrible times (is there ever a good time?), and will show on the lips, becoming enlarged and hanging around for a week or more. Since the switch to OraMD, the occurence of cold sores has reduced to hardly any in the past 6 months, and the couple that have tried to form disappeared within a couple days, and remained small and undetectable to anyone else. THANK YOU FROM OUR FAMILY! We’ll never go back to toothpaste!

The W-G Family

“OraMD has… lengthen the time between canker sores”

I have just placed another order, and ordered 3 bottles for the savings. I have had sensitive teeth for years, and have had recurring canker sores quite frequently in the past few years. The use of OraMD has seemed to lengthen the time between canker sores and quicken the recovery time from them. The bottle that was to have lasted 3 months only lasted a little over a month, however. I hope that will decrease with use! I’ll let you know after a little more time has passed.

Kelly P

“My gums seems to have definetly improved”

The health of my gums seems to have definetly improved, they have a much b= etter color and do not bleed. I have not seen my dentist since I started us= ing ORAMD.


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