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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“Ordering OramD was the best move I’ve made.”

Ordering OramD was the best move I’ve made. I’m noticing improvements all the time so I hope the next time I visit my dentist, he will be pleased with my progress.

Best wishes,

Andrew H.

“I no longer wake up with a bad taste in my mouth.”

Just wanted to let u know that since I have been usung OraMd my mouth has felt cleaner, my tounge which used to have a coat I could never get completly off is gone and my tounge is a healthy pink and I no longer wake up with a bad taste in my mouth.

Tony C

“It helped soothe my sore gums.”

OraMD keeps your teeth clean. It helped soothe my sore gums. The taste is initially strong, but I find it better than regular toothpaste.


“…i actually enjoy kissing him now more than ever!

To answer your question, yes we received the order and the whole family is using it. it’s been a little over 1 full week and i can tell the difference already. my husband, who i actually ordered it for, had really bad gum disease and halitosis. since we’ve been using it, he went to the dentist and i noticed his gums aren’t swollen as much and i actually enjoy kissing him now more than ever! the halitosis is gone. are there any opportunities for investing in your product?

Gwendolyn J

“I have tried SO many products, only to toss them”

I received your product (OraMD) today and can’t believe how quickly it got here. Very impressed as I have ordered lots of things off the internet only to wait for weeks and weeks. I have already used this product and I swear I feel a difference alreI have tried SO many products that are out there, only to toss themady in my mouth. How this is possible I don’t know. to the side. This is fantastic. I have lots of gum problems and I am really hoping this product helps. I can’t thank you enough for the quick service. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you!

A. Bakas

“…stay pink which is the clinical sign of healthy gums.”

I started using ORAMD in ( NOV 2001 ). Since then my gums do not bleed any more, they continue to stay pink which is the clinical sign of healthy gums. I also had a bad abscess, that went away in four days of using ORAMD.

Sal Dominianni

“…my hygienest said my pockets are reducing”

OraMD is the best stuff I’ve ever come across. I had periodontal disease and my dental hygienest said I could lose my teeth. I was so scared, and ordered your product, and very soon I saw and felt results. Now I use it all the time and gave a bottle to my daughter who loves it also. When I went back for my exam, my hygienest said my pockets are reducing and my mouth looked fantastic! I think my teeth may have gotten a little whiter, but I drink coffee and colas and they are pretty yellow looking, but I’m sure it’s helping. No more bleeding! Praise God for OraMD! I don’t use toothpaste anymore at all. Oh, and no more bad breath!! which I believe is due to my professional cleaning to remove plaque, and OraMD!


“OraMD has been a GodSend…”

OraMD has been a GodSend… Did I create a new word there? At any rate, we absolutely love the product. My 8 yo daughter & my 10 yo son request the product daily. I never liked tooth paste and have used a mixture of baking soda & peroxide to brush my teeth for at least a decade or more – now with OraMD I have something thats taste better, that gets better results. I have started a niece and her family to use OraMD out of Charlottesville VA also. We love OraMD and it works, period!!! I am a customer for life… Thanks.

“…helped my teeth tremendously in that short time”

i havent told u my story yet because truth be told i slacked on it and started using toothpaste for awhile, however i am back to using oramd… i used it straight for a month the first time and it helped my teeth tremendously in that short time, some of my teeth had felt slightly lose, however most of them didn’t have that feeling or were atleast getting better after only a month so i am very happy with the product and am now using it regularly again. thanks oramd.

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