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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“…i am still trying to come to terms how good my mouth feels.”

I have only been using this for 2 days this is my second day i am still trying to come to terms of how good my mouth actually feels. I hope the improvements keep working my teeth have never felt so clean i have been dosing my pockets 3 times a day so far because 2 days ago my teeth felt like something was stuck between the gum and tooth and it was driving me crazy. I was probably driving you people at Oramd crazy as well as my first order to Australia must have got lost in the post. But i notified you and you reshipped thanks, it took nearly 2 weeks to arrive in australia but so far it was worth the wait. Thanks again I will be reordering soon to make sure i dont run out

David D

“My breath stays fresher longer than usual.”

Thank you so much for inventing this product. As soon as I used it I really enjoyed the sensation it gave my teeth and gums. I’m sure I will continue to use this product. I have only been using it for a few days now and the taste is not so bad. It is very refreshing. My minor gum bleeding stopped after the third use, even though it was little. I was very surprised. My breath stays fresher longer than usual. I plan to go to the dentist in a few months, I will be sure to let you know how it goes. Thank you again.

Name Unknown by request

“…it makes my mouth alot fresher than just tooth paste”

I do like the oralMD, it makes my mouth alot fresher than just tooth paste, but right now, my husband is disabled and out of work with no income so I can’t afford it. I will get some more when our financcial situation has improved. It’s good stuff!


“I strongly recommend this product to any one…”

I just want to say that after having been seen by numerous dentists, all of which could not help me with my dental problems I was relieved after using ORA MD that I felt immediate improvement and with continued use additional overall improvement in my mouth. I strongly recommend this product to any one who has ever had tooth aches or inflammation of the gums. It really works, and your breath smells great too!



“…no longer inflammed and had returned to a good pink color.”

I have been using Oramd for 2 months. I was scheduled for peridontal surgery in August but I cancelled this until I could see how the Oramd worked. Saw my dentist yesterday. The first thing that he said was that my gums were no longer inflammed and that they had returned to a good pink color. Now instead of facing a 6 hour, $4500 surgery I instead am going to order more Oramd for myself and my wife and refer alot of people to you. Thank You for your wonderful product.

name: William A.

“no longer complains about my breath we are more intimate.”

I have suffered with bad breath and gingivitis. I read and heard about OraMD (don’t ask where, I don’t remember) and decided to give it a try.

For the first three bottles, I used it only once a day and then brushed my teeth two other times with mouthwash. I still had some bleeding gums when I flossed though and the bad breath did not go away completely.

I decided to follow the instructions and use the OraMD twice a day, a gave up toothpaste and mouthwash completely. I have been doing this for over a month now.

My wife no longer complains about my breath and we are more intimate. My gums are firm and no longer bleed when I floss, even when I am rough and scrap the gums hard with the floss.

I now keep a bottle at work, in my travel kit and at home.

I am a firm believer in this product.

Don J

“Very Good product, Unbelievable results”

Very Good product, Unbelievable results, No more bleeding gums, Fresh breath with 1 brush lasts more than 9 hours!!!


“…the bacteria does not have a chance”

I have been using OraMD every day and it has been great. My gums no longer feel loose and they are much cleaner. My teeth look better after brushing with OraMD and I feel like the bacteria does not have a chance to settle in once I have brushed. The bottle is really handy especially at work. No messy tubes of paste to deal with.

Thank you,


“OraMD leaves my teeth feeling shiney and my mouth tingly…”

I’ve used OraMD 3 months and since day one my teeth have felt clean and smooth. With toothpaste they were always still rough. No more. OraMD leaves my teeth feeling shiney and my mouth tingly and fresh.

Dorothy, OK

“Thought all the site was a bunch of BS I was soo wrong.”

It has been 30 days using your product. I have seen unbelievable difference in my gums and teeth. I can count on this product to freshen my breath all day.I use to chew gum and use nasty mouth wash to freshen my breath.My girlfriend chews gum and i can tell that it doesnt do as well as oral md.And i was the one with the problem.You can taste so much more when your mouth is cleaned with oral md..My gums were bleeding heavy apon probe cleaning. Now I have little or no bleeding.It does take a while for the total cleaning of the gums.But i noticed a change in just a few days. My gums were puffy and looked totally un-natural.In 2 days they were so much better.


The feeling compare using toothpaste is so remarkable.I was so not believing this product didnt work.I thought all the feedback on the site was a bunch of BS and some hole in the wall company trying to scam a buck.I was soo wrong.I was using toothpaste my whole life and didnt know that i was brushing my teeth with useless chemical used to make bombs with.You will notice after a month it doesnt seem to make any difference.DOnt stop using it because of that.Its because your mouth is soo clean that it just cant get any cleaner than that.Maitenance is the reason to keep using this product.


I can wake up in the morning and not have to rush to the bathroom to use mouth wash before kissing my lady in bed.However. I have gotten even better results by brushing my teeth with baking soda,salt and aloe. I use ora MD as a secondary.And this made ora Md even more effective.The reason i do this is just for the abbrasive.Ora Md does the main work with the gums,teeth,etc.Dipping my dental floss in ora Md is even better.It does get in the gums but, I like to go all the way with it. I find doing this with ora makes it even more effective.cant use one without the other.

deanna n.

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