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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“I will never go back to toothpaste again (yuk!)”

I do not have gum disease, but I do have receeding gums and I started using Oramd as a result of the testimonials I found on your website. Oramd has not stopped my gums from receeding, but I feel it definitely helps calm the pain and irritation associated with this condition. After having used the product for well over a year, I will never go back to toothpaste again (yuk!) and have shared Oramd with several of my friends who also report very positive results.

Thank you,

Joan N

“I have been faithfully using it, and it works wonderfully.”

That was the most prompt order I have ever received in the mail. With two days….I think. I have been faithfully using it, and it works wonderfully. Can’t wait to show my dentist next month!!



“I have abandoned the other products and have used OraMd”

I did what you suggested and my gums do feel much better, even after 1 day. I have abandoned the other products and have used OraMd a couple times yesterday and a couple today, and my gums are feeling really good. I am one person who thought would never have these problems. I think the problem is not brushing at night, allowing the bacteria to form. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated if you are interested. Thanks again.


“He was amazed -his cleaning process…much less pain for me”

I have had one tremendous health success recently: my Periodontist who did gum surgery on me over 15 years ago, told me that I should schedule surgery again – I had some deep pockets in the 6’s and 7’s. I told him I wanted to work on it for a while. I remembered how painful and expensive that surgery was so I was highly motivated to find a better way. I went on the internet and finally found a product that I can swear by.


I went back to my regular dentist after using it for three months and he said all my numbers were improved, no more 7’s. I went to the Periodontist after 3 more months and he said if I can keep this up, I should have no surgery in my future at all. He was amazed – his whole cleaning process involved much less pain for me – and he kept remarking how much more relaxed I was. Besides less deep pockets, he noticed dramatically healthier gums – and amazingly, no bleeding at all. There is always bleeding in normal patients.


When I told him it was this new product called OraMD, he didn’t want to believe me. He said it must have been all my hard work. However, I knew I didn’t work hard at all. I just worked smarter with an intelligent natural product that really worked on even my serious gum disease. Even before trying it, I knew I had the right solution when I read the scientific logic behind it (see below). OraMD has my highest recommendation.


“I did not need a Root canal”

My dentist went as far as obtaining permission from my insurance to go ahead and do a root canal. While the insurance answered, I went ahead and started using OraMD . This was in August 2002. I went back to the dentist in January of this year, 2003 and my dentist said that I did not need a Root canal and I have stopped using ORALMD, however, I need to go back to it as another tooth is now bothering me and the last thing I want is a Root canal if it can be avoided, I will know for sure in July when I go back to the dentist again to see how are things with this new tooth that is bothering. By the way, I was having problems with bleeding gums and I no longer have that. Thanks OralMD!!!!



“…very good experience using ORAMD”


I am having a very good experience using ORAMD. I had my first dental cleaning about two weeks after starting to use the product and the results were noticeably different. The cleaning did not take as long, nor was it as, shall we say, aggressive, as usual. My partner is also using the product and will have his follow up for recommended surgery next week. I will keep you posted.



“…am already singing it’s praises.”

I have received my order, and am already singing it’s praises. I’m excited to see what type of results I have by month end. Already, the bleeding is greatly diminished and my teeth feel very clean.


Devonda W

“My dentist told me for the first time that I was brushing good.”


I’ve been suffering from bleeding gums for some time now, and in a final effort I elected to try your product which I came across on the net. As I’ve been only using it for a few weeks, it’s a little premature to make any statements about a cure, however, at this early stage I can certainly say that my teeth appear whiter, and the bleeding does not seem quite as bad. I’m hoping that this is not my imagination, and that the perceived improvements will prove to be a reality.


I have been using the OraMD for almost a month now. I am in the process of having major dental work done, as I do have periodontal disease. On my first visit after starting to use OraMD, (1 week) my dentist told me for the first time that I was brushing good. On all my previous visits he would ask me if I was brushing and flossing daily, because although I was, he couldn’t tell be the condition of my gums. So I will most definitely continue using this product. My next order will be for two bottles. I look forward to more improvement. Thanks.

“I think my favourite reason for using this product is…”

Just to let you know I am still using OraMD , I think my favourite reason for using this product is that once I have used it in the morning my teeth feel clean all day, my teehth are really important to as 7 years ago I had massive surgery including laser surgery on my gum line since using OraMD I really do not think I could revert back to messy toothpastes in the future, keep up the good work.

Bobbi (UK)

“I don’t see why anyone uses anything else to brush their teeth

Ora MD kicks ass. I set out looking for a toothpaste that would not creep me out with it’s “whitening” effects, added calcium or lemon flavor or whatever else and also when i used to use regular toothpaste it seemed ultimately to be missing something–with Ora MD, the fresh happy mouth feeling I’ve been looking for is extreme and it lasts, which to me is miraculous. I don’t see why anyone uses anything else to brush their teeth. it’s the best! From the first time you use it, you get giddy cause it basically gives your germ infested mouth a true natural makeover. you feel better with fresh teeth!
aaaaaand it’s good for diabetics with periodontal disease–or the threat of periodontal damage. It’s just awesome.




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