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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“It is a convenient size-just right for your pruse.”

Thank you so much. I WILL be ordering again. I am telling others about your product. I like the way it tastes. I started using it immediately. It is a convenient size-just right for your pruse. Thanks so much again!!

Harriet, Winston-Salem, NC

“The info on toothpaste was enlighting to say the least.”

I have been using OraMD now for a month or so. Almost imediately the often bleeding gums has stopped. I am hoping it will help the moderate to severe perodonial condition. Can’t wait till next check up, to see where that stands. I am satisfied sofar with using this product. The info on toothpaste was enlighting to say the least.

Thanks Richard C

“I am very happy to report the the results are very good”

Just wanted to let you know I started using OraMD in late July after have scaling done for periodontal poroblems in June by my dental office (which was very expensive), and was told I would have to start using a periomed rinse that I could only buy from the dental office at a cost of ($20.00 a bottle which lasted about 3 months) and didn’t stop my gums from bleeding also, I had developed very bad breath and had to use a different set of products for that problem which was costing me another $25.00 per month for these three products. Between the costs and all the products I was using I decided that there had to be something better out there that I was not aware of and my dentist was not telling me about. One night I went on the internet to try and find help, and thats went I discovered the OraMd


I called them as I had some questions about the product they were very helpful and I ordered three bottles and started using it. Well today I just came back from my dentist after having a three month check up, I am very happy to report the the results are very good, my deep pockets have improved greatly, my gums are not bleeding and it has helped with my bad breath problems. If you have any doubts try the product and see for yourself, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I will be ordering more when mine runs out.



Joyce from Ocala

“…they wanted $1400.00 to do a deep scaling.”

I have been using your product for about 6 months now…. Prior to using your product I went to see a gum disease specialist that my regular dentist referred me to. they wanted $1400.00 to do a deep scaling. I do not have dental insurance, and that is a lot of money to come up with…. I was skeptical about using your product, but figured what the heck can’t hurt…. I was amazed after about 2 weeks my gums looked and felt so much better. my gums always have hurt but not anymore I haven’t been back to my regular dentist yet so can’t say he was amazed…. I will be using your product as long as it is out there

Thank you


“I told her a lie, again due to shyness…”

Just to let you know that I’ve just from my dentist for a regular cleaning, and she clearly could not understand why my gums very better and there was just about no bleeding when she cleaned them. I was shy, and didn’t tell her yet what I’m doing BUT I will in the future if this progress continues. She seemed to think her Periostat antibiotic is doing an unusually good job, she seemed suprised. I told her a lie, again due to shyness, that I had been taking her Periostat, although I didn’t even get it from the pharmacy! I feel bad about it, but she’ll learn in time if I keep getting better. She still said I would need planing and scaling, and I guess I’ll go along with that – what do you think? It seems OraMD is working! Even the very difficult back tooth seems to be getting better.

“…concern that my teeth may fall out.”

There is a very definite improvement in my gums since I started using OraMD back in December. I had v-shaped gashes in my gums that caused me concern that my teeth may fall out. Since then the gashes have closed over and the pain in my gums has decreased so much.


Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Carole G

“…thank you for your product, my mouth feels great.”

I like your OraMC tooth product a lot and am using it regularly (I bought 3 bottles to start with). My teeth feel great, and I would say there is improvement in overall oral health. In fact, there is only one area in my mouth that had been giving me a lot of trouble – the lower left, and one of the large teeth in particular. The dentists say I have periodontal disease, and at my last visit, the doctor said that tooth has to come out, and a denture (help!) put in, and we can add on to it later, because the teeth near to it are also going to have to be pulled out pretty soon. He gave me the scare of my life, so I found you on the web. Here’s the thing: while everything else in my mouth has been very good, including this ‘bad’ tooth, it got something in there (and the dentist said it would be so from time to time because there’s a space), and it got very sore again. I have persisted in using OraMD, even putting it on straight often on that spot, and now it seems ok again. However, I have not visited the dentist yet, and hope that the problem with this tooth won’t flare up again. Otherwise, thank you for your product, my mouth feels great. I only hope I won’t have to have this tooth pulled out, and this progress continues.


“I have others who have purchased the product…”

I have others who have purchased the product after letting them use mine. great stuff.


“…my gums do not bleed anymore, the redness is gone “

I started using OraMD around (Feb 2002). Since then my gums do not bleed anymore, the redness is gone and my dentist says the pockets have improved and some have gone away completely. The area under my bridge had a infection and has improved to the point he did not act concerned at the last appointment.


Pastor Donnie T.

“I thought maybe I was brushing too hard.”

I’m definitely seeing some improvements. I had bleeding gums for some time now. I thought maybe I was brushing too hard. The bleeding is almost gone. Its gone period when I floss. Whenever I get a canker sore, it heals almost the next day. I was thinking of making a trip to the dentist in another month for a check up. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more in the future.


Bernard C.


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