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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“I had gone to a dentist, which I just don’t do…”

I have been using OraMD for approx. 30 days and I have to say I believe this is definitely a product that everyone should at least try.

In March I had gone to a dentist, which I just don’t do because they “hurt!” But my gums had receded (and yes I am a smoker) to the point that I was in pain most of the time and it hurt to bite down on anything. I have nice straight teeth but this was so miserable I knew I had to do something – I feared they would want to remove my teeth and go to dentures – no way did I want that. I am definitely all about anything that is natural and does not contain any chemicals so after I went to the dentist and he said I had periodontal (sp ?) disease and they would have to cut my gums and try to repair them surgically, I was desperate to another answer.

I searched the internet and found OraMD – for the cost opposed to the surgery and the possibility that this may work I decided to give it a try.


“…All of that occurred after only two weeks.”

This is to let you know that I have seen much improvement in my gum condition. They no longer bleed, look healthier, and my teeth feel and look cleaner. All of that occurred after only two weeks. I haven’t visited my dentist since I’ve started using Oramd, but I do intend to see the dental hygienist in his office as soon as I can get an appointment. Hopefully, within 45 days. I will inform you of the response to my rejuvenated and healthy gums.Thanks for selling a product that truly works.


“my gums are looking better and breath is much improved”

I have been on your product for several weeks, my gums are looking better now and breath is much improved, thanks. Im just about to run out, so I will need to reorder.

Dave M, N.C.

“I will always be using this product.”

I must say that I am well satisfied with the OraMD I recently bought. I have been using it for a little over two weeks and I can already see improvement to my gum and also the aching tooth is almost healed. I am sorry that I did not know about this earlier.

Thanks and keep up the good work. I will always be using this product.


“I must say that your product is extraordinary”

I must say that your product is extraordinary…….leaves my mouth with an exceptionally clean, fresh and healthy feeling… I believe it’s improved the health of my gums and moutn in general…..I love it and…..I’d recommend it to anyone….thanks for a great product!


“My teeth and gums are perfect and white”

I’m 26 years old w/fairly straight teeth and no cavities. However, I hadn’t gone to the dentist in 4 years! I didn’t have health insurance from my employers unfortunately. Well, by this time, my gums were swollen and inflamed….especially on my upper front teeth. I was really scared, and went to see a dentist as an emergency. I only saw her for 10 minutes, but she confirmed with me that I probably had gingivitis and possibly periodontal disease. I was mortified. She told me to floss regulary (which, I had been doing), and that the soonest she could see me was 3 weeks. I didn’t know what to do b/c flossing and brushing were not working for me anymore. Toothpaste was actually aggravating my gums more than helping it. I then tried baking soda–an older neighbor told me that it ‘works’–but it didn’t work for me at all.
I did an online search and came to OraMD and read that it has natural oils that coated the gums and tooth and killed bacteria in the mouth, as opposed to brushing it away. I ordered my first bottle and received it withing two days. I used it twice daily for three weeks, returned to my dentist, and she literally screamed–she was so surprised at how much my teeth and gums had improved. The swelling had gone down significantly–and she even asked me if I used any whitening strips on my teeth b/c I had such a “nice sunshine smile”–I told her “no, only the OraMD!”.


After about 2 1/2 months of use, my teeth and gums are perfect and white, and I actually look forward to brushing my teeth in the morning and at night–I can really feel the OraMD working after I use it, and it tastes nice and pepperminty.

Hope this helps!


And thanks for providing OraMD—I really love this stuff–it’s proof that nature really provides solutions– as opposed to chemicals and harsh abrasives that so many people believe are working for them.

Liz D

“…afraid I may lose most of my back teeth.”

Hi My name is Heather B. & about 6 months ago I purchased Ora Md. Whilst pregnant I was diagnosed with severe gum disease. The periodonist had to do extensive surgery to reduce the size of the pockets. Even after surgery the periodontist was afraid I may lose most of my back teeth. Because I was pregnant he had to leave any further treatment until after my pregnancy. During this time my mother researched the internet and discovered your product. Well, since using it I have not had any further surgery and when I went back to the periodontist recently she told me that my gums were fantastic. I couldn’t believe it. My teeth & gums look & feel great.

“I’m extremely pleased”

I received the order very quicky and I’m extremely pleased with the product.

Alex Starr

“I had been advised by my Dentist to undergo a procedure”

I am not sure if you were the gentleman that I spoke with originally, but I called again just this past Monday. Scott was so nice as was the first person I spoke with. Lo and behold when I anxiously opened my mailbox, a cute little package appeared. I felt like it was Christmas. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth. One application and I have never felt so free in my life. If I can feel this good after years of having people back up when speaking with me, I am sold. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow just to brush my teeth and start a really fresh day for the first time. I feel like my life is about to change.


I had been advised by my Dentist to undergo a procedure as I had Gingivitis. The depth measured was mostly above 5 and up to 7 with my inner most teeth’s and I was refused to have ordinary cleaning. I wanted to save $ 400 out of pocket for the above procedure and I used OraMD for 2 months. Amazingly the depth is now measuring to mostly 3 and a few 4 and couple of 5. Still the improvement was considered very good that the dental hygienist mentioned and noted the name of the product OraMD in my medical chart. Thanks to OraMD, a great product I could have regular cleaning done again with out any out of pocket expenses.


“Never buying toothpaste/mouthwash again.”

This product is great. I don’t need toothpaste nor mouthwash. I use it twice a day and it freshens breath. Now I can’t live without it. Never buying toothpaste/mouthwash again.



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