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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“I am thrilled beyond description!!!!”

I must say I am thrilled beyond description!!!! I have only had the product a couple of days and I am already seeing a diminishing of the red in my gums. I have been using tea tree oil for years, trying to get these same results, to no avail. It does burn my mouth but I “brave”

it and do exactly as recommended. My teeth have never felt so clean and my gums are already showing improvement. I am SO……….. happy!!!! I will write again after a couple of months have passed and I really have something to write home about. Thank you for such a superior product.

Linda E

“Definite improvement in my gums”

There is a very definite improvement in my gums since I started using OraMD
back in December. I had v-shaped gashes in my gums that caused me concern
that my teeth may fall out. Since then the gashes have closed over and the
pain in my gums has decreased so much.


Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Carole G

“…it is already firming up my gums.”

Just wanted to let you know that I have received your product OraMDtm in the month of February Monday and it is now Thursday. I have been using this product for three days now and feel that it is already firming up my gums. I have had dental surgery for pockets but my mouth also products extra plaque and I have a hard time keeping on top of it. When I go to my hygienist she always asks me if I have tried really hard with the brushing and flossing. So I hope that my next appointment will bring a pleasant surprise to me and to her because I have tried everything on the market and this products seems to be working already in three days. Will keep this site posted and will be ready to order again in 3 weeks!

“Negative sysmtoms: None.”

Hi, I have now been using your product for over a month. To make things clear I am a very sceptic type and do not beleive in hype or special products. So I started using Mouthdoctor only as a last resort. My first experience was that it tasted horrible but I got used to it after just a couple of times. I assume it doesn’t have all those extra artificial additives to it to make it taste good as in commercial toothpastes.

These are the effects I have noticed till now: A sudden superb improvement in mouth breath.(bad breath) After the second week my gum doesn’t seem to bleed anymore when brushing my teeth. This was a problem I had expereinced for years. I used to suffer nearly every second or third week from mouth ulcers and infections, none till now.


Negative sysmtoms:



Would I recommed the product?

100% yes.


And beleive me I am hard to please.

Victor S

“My gums do not bleed anymore, the redness is gone…”

I have not been to the dentist since I have been using ORaMD. I have not needed to to. I started using ORaMD in October 2002. Since then my gums do not bleed anymore, the redness is gone and the bleeding is stopped. My breath has improved and my wife says that I snore less.




“I am looking forward to my next dental appointment”

I want you to know that I did receive my order and am using the product. I admit, I think I love this product. After only a few days I have noticed how smooth my teeth feel. I actually enjoy brushing my teeth because they feel so good when I’m done. I am looking forward to my next dental appointment and hope my dentist sees an improvement in my gums. To me that will be the ultimate test of this product. It’s nice to think that such a simple, natural formula can be the answer to persisting problems with my gums and teeth. I remain hopeful.

Thanks for now!


“Gum pockets that were a six were now a two!!”

Went to my dentist yesterday, had not been there for a year. Have been using your product for 5-6 months.


Best check up I ever had. Gum pockets that were a six were now a two!! My dentist asked in amazement, what did you do to get your mouth in such improved condition. i told him I quit using toothpaste. He flipped! He said how do you clean your teeth and gums without toothpaste and get these results??? I told him oramd! Gave him your web address, all his staff wanted the address too! Thank you guys for such an awesome product!!!!!
Mike M

“She likes it very much.”

Dear Sirs:

Your order arrived last week, and is wonderful! My father purchased it for my mother who has very sensitive teeth. She likes it very much.

Thank you!!

“I sure do LOVE your product!”

I don’t have a dental health Provider. I am terrified of dentists and even tho I SHOULD go to one..I haven’t. But I sure do LOVE your product!


“In the first day I was 100 percent cured!”

I couldn’t find anything that worked for gum disease. I tried ora md and in the first day I was 100 percent cured! Thanks for a great product. That reminds me that I have to order again within the next day or so. Truly a great product that works!!!



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