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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“…your mouth is the best I have ever seen.”

I have had a longstanding problem with bleeding gums, bad breath, and very deep gum pockets. A few years ago, one dentist wanted to do oral surgery. I went to another dentist who wanted to try a more conservative approach before surgery. Boy, am I glad that I got that second opinion. Since then, I found OraMD. I just went to the dentist for a cleaning a couple weeks ago. It had been over a year since my last visit. I was apprehensive, since it had been so long, yet curious, as my gums had not been bleeding since shortly after using OraMD. My wife noticed my bad breath had disappeared. My dental hygienist began her cleaning, I noticed that she had effortlessly, and quickly completed the left side. She stopped, looked at me and said, I cannot believe how good your gums look, and how little plaque and tartar there is! She said it’s been over a year since your last cleaning, and your mouth is the best I have ever seen. I told her about OraMD, and told her the website address. She quickly finished the right side, and said, I can’t wait to get Dr, XXXXXXX in here so he can see this. Then in came my dentist, Dr. James XXXXXXX. He looked and was impressed. He did pocket measurements and they had all shrunk to healthy levels. He asked, tell me about this miracle potion. I gave him the website address. He said he would check it out. He wanted to do more research on your product before he could tell others about it, but he said, since you have already made the decision to use the product, and based on my exam, you should keep doing what you are doing.

Mike M.

“I actually enjoy brushing my teeth because they feel so good”

I want you to know that I did receive my order and am using the product. I admit, I think I love this product. After only a few days I have noticed how smooth my teeth feel. I actually enjoy brushing my teeth because they feel so good when I’m done. It’s nice to think that such a simple, natural formula can be the answer to persisting problems with my gums and teeth.

Thanks for now!


“I’ve always felt you get what you pay for.”


I’ve been using OraMD for about two or three months now. I definitely prefer OraMD to toothpaste simply for the fact that it doesn’t contain any scary sounding chemicals. It does also leave a good feeling in my mouth after I use it. I’ve got one of my friends to try it out, just waiting back to see what he thinks. All in all, I think it’s a good product. Alittle pricey, but I’ve always felt you get what you pay for.

James D

“I have used oramd a few days and my teeth are much whiter.”

Thank you so much. This is absolutely wonderful. I have used this oramd for a few days and my teeth are so much whiter. This really works!!

Thank so much

Caren D

“I already notice a difference in how clean my teeth feel.”

Thanks,I love your product, I already notice a difference in how clean my teeth feel.Have a wonderful day.


“I seen results in just 2 hrs. I could not believe my eyes.”

Please be patient with me, I’m very new a this e-mail thing.But the first day i received my order,which was about 1:00pm in the afternoon on wenesday march 30th.I seen results in just 2 hrs.

I could not believe my eyes.I first did a rinse & then another within an 1hr and noticed my gums at the base of my teeth turn white as if it was ready to do the work that was needed to be done. Thank you for making this happen.


“I don’t wake up with “morning breath”.”

i do think ora MD has had agreat effect on my gums. I have suffered from receeding gums for some years now and my dentist has been checking the progress. When I asked if there is any cure he said “NO”. eventually my teeth will fall out and need replaced. Nothing can be done. Brushing more will slow down the process.


I am due an appointment at the end of May and I will let you know what he thinks, but I can see and feel the difference in my gums. My mouth is also fresher all day and I don’t wake up with “morning breath”.
Thanks for now. Will be in touch after dentist.

Keith M

“…horrible gums. They split down to the root”

Just want to say a great product.

My dentist kept saying that if my gums kept splitting, I would probably end up doing root canals. The harder I tried to take care of my teeth with various sensitive teeth toothpastes on the market, and expensive oral rinses from the dentist, the worse my mouth got. I have great teeth but horrible gums. They split down to the root of the tooth, causing my gums to bleed and be very sensitive to hot and cold. When I brushed it made matters worse and they would bleed and be painful to brush.


After using ORA MD I noticed a remarkable difference and so did the dentist.
I still have some problem areas, but all in all the problem has greatly improved.
One time I ran out of ORA MD, and started using conventional toothpaste.
What a mistake. I couldn’t wait until my ORA MD order arrived.


Thank you for a wonderful product.

A satisfied customer,

Dee B

“I have made 3 appts and cancelled them all one by one.”

I have been using the oraMD for about 3o days. It is the only thing that I use as far as tooth paste. Before I started using it I had a panaramic view taken of the teeth per the expensive x-ray machine and the tooth is question was abscessed and I was told it had to come out. I have made 3 appts and cancelled them all one by one. I have the x-ray so I am anxious to have another one taken in about 6 months to see what the changes are. I am hoping to save the tooth. My expensive Dentist told me not even a root canal could save it. We’ll see. I am also using Shower Pik one time a day. My teeth have never felt so good. It is like they have a professional cleaning every day. If it wasn’t for my bad tooth I would never have found this site on line. My son is now using it b/c I bought 4 bottles and was able to give him one of them.

Thumbs up! Thanks,


“…innovative people like yourself, once again natural is best!”

I am mostly pain free, and can eat nearly anything I want. I am hoping for further improvement so I am very positive about this product. My mouth feels cleaner and I no longer have constant bad breath as I did previously. I would like to try the whitener but don’t want to use a credit card can you send me the info so I can mail a check for this?

Thanks to innovative people like yourself, once again natural is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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