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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“Everyone should try this product…what do you have to loose?”

I have been using OraMD for about three months and I love the product. I have lots of crowns and bridges and always dreaded going for my dental cleaning and checkups because of the pockets around my crowns,as well as my bleeding gums.

This product does excatly what it says it will do and lots more! My gums are pink and healthy and I do not have bleeding gums when I floss and brush.

Everyone should try this product…what do you have to loose? You will be so amazed with the results you get…healty gums, clean teeth, and great breath…just to name a few.

Now I don’t dread my dental checkups and am anxious to see what my hygenist has to say on my next visit.I will never be without OraMD!!!

Ruth Smith

“I live near Manchester in the UK”

I received your order much sooner than I expected (Saturday 7th Feb). Considering I live near Manchester in the UK and I only ordered one bottle, then I have to say that your service is excellent. I thought it might take a good while, coming from the States. I hope to come back to you soon with some positive results. We’ll have to see what happens. I must say, this stuff does make the mouth feel clean and fresh, I didn’t find the first application “stout” (is this an American word meaning “overpowering” – in the UK one meaning of “stout” is a kind of heavy black beer, like Guinness :). If I have positive results, I will get back to you. Regards.

Maeve Anderson

“I recommend it for gums AND throat infections.”

This was a recent purchase when I had surgery and a tube down my throat, resulting in a sore throat and possible infection. OraMD was the only thing that helped ease the sore throat! I could actually tell it was working. I recommend it for gums AND throat infections.

P.Doering, San Diego

“…my wife says that I snore less.”

I have not been to the dentist since I have been using ORaMD. I have not needed to to. I started using OraMD in October 2002. Since then my gums do not bleed anymore, the redness is gone and the bleeding is stopped. My breath has improved and my wife says that I snore less.

JT Barson

“I am really convinced, it helps me a lot.”

I used your product once I am really convinced, it helps me a lot. therefore I ordered 3 more bottles this time. I am very happy, I came across your product.

Manfred Cerwenka

“…skeptical at first about stopping my use of Sensodyne”

I have been using OraMD now for about 2-3 weeks. I was somewhat skeptical at first about stopping my use of Sensodyne toothpaste becasue for the past 20 years that’s all I have used, on the advice of my Periodontist. But I decided to trust the claims and I have to say that I have not experienced an increased sensitivity in my teeth after stopping with the toothpaste. I believe in fact that my sensitivity has actually decreased now over the past 10 days or so. The refreshing feeling in my mouth lasts much longer than any toothpaste has ever done.

Murray Nitchke

“…after 3 months, no more antibiotics!”

I bought ORAMD in desperation. I had a huge pocket in my lower molar area. The dentist was making plans to pull the tooth. I had been on and off antibiotics for over a year, as it continued to get infected. I found OraMD on the internet, and figured what the heck, I had nothing at all to lose except a few bucks. It took about 3 months before I noticed a big difference, but after 3 months, no more antibiotics! It’s been about a year now I think, and the pocket is almost completely closed! There’s no more “sponginess” in the bone area, and I can eat popcorn again!! I have recommended OraMD to friends with bad gum problems, and they also have had positive results. Makes me wonder if the toothpaste companies and the dentists are in collusion…to perpetuate gum disease so dentists continue to have work.


“Doing quite well”

Doing quite well with the OraMD.

–John D

“It’s making quite a difference.”

It’s making quite a difference. The bad taste in my mouth is gone. I started to use it as a last resource: I was told I should extract all my teeth from the upper jaw. The damage is done, but looks like if someone told me 10 years ago ( the first time gum disease was diagnosed), that could make a difference. So, right now I’m following this cleaning program and trying to see how much longer I can hold on to my natural teeth.

Thank you, again.


“I can’t credit that to my dental work”

Ora Md does seem to help. At least, the horrible taste in my mouth is nearly gone. I can’t credit that to my dental work ( deep root cleaning) as I just had the first of two treatments for that this week. So,I do think it is the OraMd. I re-ordered a bottle so I can keep taking it until my dental work is done. I don’t know if my pockets are improved or not, but I will ask the hygenist at my next appointment. I have recommended OraMd to other people. Something sure made a difference for me, and OraMd was the only other thing I tried other than deep root cleaning.




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