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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“It felt so strange not using tooth paste…”

Just wanted to say my brother started to use ORAMD the same day he received it. He has gum disease and his gums are receding. Well, for the past two weeks that he has been using it, his gums appear pink, not red anymore, his breath smells better, his gums are not bleeding when he brushes, but his gums hurt. He uses a soft brush an using only ORAMD, should he floss? His gums hurt and is afraid to floss. But there is an improvement with the color of his gums.


I was curious about the product, so I am using too. I get canker sores often, and let me tell you, I put a few drops on my canker sore and it didn’t hurt or bother me. I also notice that when I brush now, my gums don’t bleed and my breath smells good.


We have been using the product for about two weeks now and already want to order more. I will be ordering soon. The product is great. At first, it didn’t taste all that great. It felt so strange not using tooth paste or listerine, but two days into using ORAMD, I love the taste, the clean feeling, and great breath. We haven’t used toothpaste for two weeks and our gums are more healthy than ever.

Miriam T.

“GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It apperes to saved me 5000.00”

To Whom it May Concern:

I just wanted to update you on my OraMD experience. When I first started the product I had sensitive, bleeding gums(during
cleanings) and the dentist said I was a hair away from periodontal disease. I had pockets ranging from 5 to 3.

Well, after the first 3 months I wrote you and told you that the 5’s had dropped to 3’s and the 3’s to 1’s. Well, I am elated to tell you that my dentist said I had excellent gums. They were able to clean my teeth without the use of topical anaesthetic—(oh yeah, I was that bad). Having my teeth cleaned did not hurt me at all.

OraMD does wonders for my teeth, that’s why I bought another one. I didn’t know anything about toothpase with fluoride warning until you gave me these good information. I checked online to see if it was true and yes it is. Many complains online. So sad that the dentists do not let us know. Just like

the doctors, do not tell us about MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) good for GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It apperes to saved me 5000.00 Three weeks with your product and the infection is gone. the paradonist was shocked and maybe dissapointed.


“…perceived improvements will prove to be a reality.”


I’ve been suffering from bleeding gums for some time now, and in a final effort I elected to try your product which I came across on the net. As I’ve been only using it for a few weeks, it’s a little premature to make any statements about a cure, however, at this early stage I can certainly say that my teeth appear whiter, and the bleeding does not seem quite as bad. I’m hoping that this is not my imagination, and that the perceived improvements will prove to be a reality.


Happy to keep you updated about my progress – certainly I will continue to use your product, and have 4 bottles “in stock”

Regards, Lew, A

“My gums feel pinker and firmer now.”

OraMD has been great to my teeth. I don’t see the gum line forming back but at least the brushing and flossing have made things a lot easier. My gums feel pinker and firmer now.


“gum disease, which has caused me to lose a lot of my teeth.”

I had gum disease, which has caused me to lose a lot of my teeth. I have been using OraMD for close to a year and at my last dental exam, the dentist commented that I have been taking very good care of remaining teeth.


Thanks OraMD.


“…definate improvement in my gum condition.”

I have been using OraMD for about three weeks now. There has been a definate improvement in my gum condition.


Thank you for a great product.

Ray S

“no gum problems once I was discharged…”

I was recently hospitalized for 6 weeks after a serious surgery. I was too disabled to get to a sink or even to brush my teeth over a basin brought to me. In this circumstance OraMD saved my gums. I applied it to cloth coated dental piks, and used that to clean and stimulate my gums for those many weeks. While hardly an ideal dental hygiene, it worked well enough that I had no gum problems once I was discharged, and I am convinced the OraMD was the reason for that.

Name withheld by request

“Everything in the testimonials is true.”

This stuff is great! Everything in the testimonials is true. I didn’t tell my dental hygienist what I was using, but she was amazed at the improvement in my gums. I’ve run out of OraMD. Can’t wait to get the shipment. Toothpaste sucks!

Brian H., CA

“I have gingivitis and extremely sensitive teeth”

I have gingivitis and extremely sensitive teeth. My gums had dark red streaks running from the bottom of the gums up to my teeth and my gums hurt almost all the time. Since I’ve been using OraMD, the red streaks are gone, my gums don’t hurt or bleed anymore. They just feel sooooo much better. When I ran out, I thought I would just try using paste again for a little while to see what happened. Well, that was a mistake. After a week my gums were hurting, the red streaks started coming back and my entire mouth felt ucky…I love this product.

Vicki L.

“I fell in love with the smell and couldnt wait to clean my teeth”

Wow just got home to find my oraMD had arrived after making a gargle solution i fell in love with the smell and couldnt wait to clean my teeth Yes its strong its amazing i cant believe how fresh and clean my mouth feels I just hope that this will help my sore gums and at least make my gums come back a bit so the gaps wont be so distressing to me.
My dentist has referred my to see a specialist at the hospital but that wont be for a couple of months it would be fantastic if i could get there and not need any cosmetic work done i will keep you informed of my progress with my new found hope due to your product



Aurora, CO


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