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The testimonials below are genuine and have not been
changed for grammar, punctuation or spelling and should not
be construed as the typical experiences of all our customers.



“This stuff is great and I plan to buy a batch more.”

This product is fantastic. After a day of only using the drops, I thought I would try and supplement it with toothpaste and mouthwash to make the drops last longer, but I immediately noted the difference– within less than an hour, the foul odor was back. This made me realize that my mouth is very sensative to the drying agents in commercial toothpaste and mouthwashes. After five long years of brushing multiple times during the day and carrying small bottles of mouthwash to rinse my mouth every hour or two, I realized that there had to be a reason for why things were just plain getting worse. I lived on sugarfree mints and gum, and began standing as far away from people as I could if I had to speak with them, as people were always
handing me mints. It was really hard.



I had seen a website that sold some type of vitamin supplement that would help digestion, attributing foul smelling breath more to what one eats. But I never eat garlic or onions or any spicey stuff to begin with. Plus, I was always putting something in my mouth to correct the bad smell. In the back of my head, I knew that the supplements would not address the problem–whatever it was. By accicent I found your website, and what you said seemed a stretch, but it also made sense to attribute the problem to the growth of bacteria. In fact, in looking at all of the stuff I was doing, it was obvious that the more drying agents I was putting into my mouth, the more the bacteria was growing–thus the vicous cycle of foul breath.


I never beleived that something could substitute for toothpaste or mouthwash, but these drops outdo them in every way. My skin is very sensitive and will break out with a rash from most lotions and jewelry, so I figured that perhaps my mouth is far more sensitive than other people’s mouths to the drying agents in commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes.


I have to say, this stuff is great and I plan to buy a batch more. I am on week 3 of using the drops in place of toothpaste and mouthwashes, and I will never go back to them. My mouth feels fresh and clean–even when I wake up in the morning. I cannot begin to describe the difference, and I believe that it does come down to what type of environment the bacteria have or do not have to grow in.


Thanks for all of the explanations and care for your customers.

Kathy K

“My mouth insists that I use it regularly.”

Really like the stuff. My mouth insists that I use it regularly. Teeth and gums are much cleaner and healthier. Wish I had it several years ago. Probably would have spare me some painful oral surgery.

Andrew Meek

“It’s very regretful that your products weren’t more publicized”


Thank you for your concern. Very kind of you. 🙂 Yes, we did receive our order; and very promptly too.


My daughter and I have LOVED the oil; however, I just began a homeopathic regimen so I’ve been advised to abstain from using the oil until my therapy is finished. The powerful strength of the mint; in smell and taste, would antidote the homeopathic action of the remedies. My daughter continues to use and appreciate her wonderfully clean and fresh mouth/gums—and I can’t wait till I can use it again, as well!

It’s very regretful that your products weren’t more publicized years ago because I’ve lost most of the teeth in the top of my mouth but the bottom can still be saved. I blame the FDA for not allowing products like these to be more widely accepted/advertised/used—More people have suffered from not having knowledge soon enough; directly related to the FDA’s activities.

Thank you again for making this available to the public. If you have
knowledge of the latest discoveries in dental care it would be nice to know
about them.




“NO one wants to lose their teeth. I am only 40.”


My name is Elesia H.

I have recieve my oraMd. I have been using it for about a week now. I am so excited to see my results. My dentist told me I am about lose my teeth, I have a pocket of 10 or something and one of my tooth at the bottom is already beginning to get loose after that all I remember is the espression on her face which really scared me. NO one wants to lose their teeth. I am only 40. When she told me I knew I could not offered the deep cleaning and then I would have to go back again and then again in 3 months and keep going back every 3 months.I was so upset at the idea of losing my teeth, when I left the dentist I got into an accident. I kept thinking of the look on her face and the idea of losing my teeth.


A few weeks later it came to me to look on the internet at gum disease and that’s how I found you. Now I am so excited that I now have something that can save my teeth from reading your testimonials. I will keep you inform of my results.


Elesia H.

Miami Florida

“So my gums were a little”angry.”

I have want to tell you that using the product resulted in the cleanest feeling inside my mouth. I have been in need of extensive dental care but had to delay it because of a lack of insurance and funds. So my gums were a little”angry”. I found that by using Ora-MD it really helped my gums be a little less “upset” and I will be continuing to use it for my dental care. I was quite pleased with the product.

Jennifer Williams, Florida

“…it worked great on my mouth, so I told my son”

I did order The Mouth Doctor, and it worked great on my mouth, so I told my son and gave him one of my bottles, He said it worked great and that his teeth didn’t bleed any more so he has started to floss again. I also had two of my sister’s try it and they also said it helped them.

Thank you.

Fran L.

“I would not hesitate to purchase…”

I started using ORAMD in 2002 and found the results to be very satisfactory. I purchased ORAMD as I was experiencing bleeding of the gums when I brushed my teeth. After using the product for several days I noticed that the bleeding subsided. Also, it was very helpful with improving my breath. In fact, I was so satisfied that I would not hesitate to purchase the product again.

Gordon J.

“…three days and I love it already.”

I have only used it for three days and I love it already. I can breath a lot better and know it will help my teeth and gums!!!

Sincerely, Dorthoy

“…bad breath (minimal to nonne) whiter teeth, and less plaque”

I have been using OraMD for two months now and can see a marked differenc in my whole mouth. My gums are a healthy pink color, decrease in bad breath (minimal to nonne) whiter teeth, and less plaque based on my last dental cleaning visit.

Veronica J.

“I love the product and I love the service. Thank you,”

I love this product! Several years ago I was told I need extensive gum surgery, it only made the situation worse. I wish I had OraMD then. It has made all the difference in my dental hygiene. I have always had better luck with natural products and this is no exception. My teeth are whiter, my gums in better condition, and I have not had a cold since I’ve started using it. (This, after getting one repeatedly). I love the product and I love the service. Thank you,

Debra B




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