What is it that causes women to experience gum disease and receding gums with more frequency than men? It is not their attention to their oral health, but their hormones that are the culprit. When there is an influx of hormones or a hormonal upheaval, the body can become more sensitive. Women are much more likely to experience hormonal upheavals at key times and this can make them more likely to experience gum disease. Times to be especially vigilant with your oral health and dental care are during puberty, pregnancy, menopause and menstruation.


The good news is that even if you do notice receding gums or the signs of gum disease, they can be corrected. The most important thing is to visit a dentist twice a year for a check up and clean to keep your oral health at a high level.


How Gum Disease Can Affect Women


Gum disease is common both among men and women, but women have a higher chance of developing the condition. It is possible to both improve receding gums as well as preventing the condition from ever occurring by being especially careful of your oral health at home. When it comes to hormones however, there are a couple of things to understand:


  • When hormone levels change and fluctuate, your gums become more sensitive. If you brush your teeth too hard at this time, then it can damage the gum tissue and allow bacteria to grow in the gum tissue.
  • Receding gums are caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. If you leave the bacteria to flourish, then this can affect your immune system.
  • One of the most powerful things you can do to prevent and treat gum disease at home is to look after your oral hygiene. When gums are more sensitive due to hormonal changes, it is essential that you brush, floss and use a mouth wash at least twice a day.
  • Smoking is another risk factor for developing receding gums. This is yet another reason that you should quit lighting up and using tobacco products.


Receding gums can be treated, but it is always best to try and prevent the condition. If you are going through, or about to go through, a hormonal change, then you need to ensure that you are engaging in good oral health routines at home. Additionally, you should visit your dentist for a thorough clean and check up. There are natural products that can help to remove bacteria effectively and protect your oral health. One of these products is the OraMD 4 Step Oral Hygiene Program. By combining this with the care of your dentist, you can confront hormonal changes without having to combat receding gums and gum disease.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene