If your dentist has diagnosed you with receding gums, then you are more than likely looking for ideas about what you can do to reverse the condition and restore your gum health. The best cure for this condition is to become extra vigilant in regard to your oral hygiene. This is very important in order for you to be able to manage the bacterial growth inside your mouth that leads to receding gums in the first place. If you have the condition, then you are more than likely guilty of neglecting your oral health somewhat. Now is the time to change that in order to prevent the condition becoming worse.


What to Do


There are natural solutions available to help you with your receding gums. One of these is to take stock of your diet and make some changes for the better. Foods that are sugary, processed or have preservatives are exactly what bacteria likes to feed on and if you eat them more than you should, then you are opening the door to uncontrolled bacterial growth inside your mouth. These harmful bacteria have even been linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke, so you are in fact playing with more than your oral health.


One of the most effective and natural remedies that you can find is to brush your teeth at least twice daily and ensure you do it effectively. Brushing removes bacteria and gets rid of plaque build up, which causes gum disease. Make sure you are using the right technique so that you are removing the highest amount of bacteria possible each time you brush – you should ask your dentist to show you how.
OraMD is a natural product that can be used as toothpaste, mouth wash and as a topical agent to kill bacteria and stop it growing out of control. This product is free of some of the harsh chemicals that are found in commercially produced dental hygiene products.


Additionally you should follow the advice of your dentist and visit them every six months to monitor the progress of the condition and ensure that it is improving.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene