You may not realize just how effective adjusting your diet can be to helping you overcome receding gums and gum disease. What you eat plays a very important role in your overall oral and gum health. Looking after your diet alone is not likely to overcome the condition, but it is certainly a powerful supplement to proper dentist care and a good home oral hygiene routine. By taking a wide reaching approach to your dental care, you are likely to reverse receding gums much more quickly and effectively.


Receding Gums and Diet


There are certain foods that you will have to limit and even remove from your diet if you want to overcome gum disease. Such foods are those that allow bacteria to flourish in your mouth as bacteria is almost always the cause of gum disease. There are a number of different foods that may be guilty of negatively impacting on your oral health and can facilitate gum disease:


  • Caffeine containing foods
  • Foods that contain alcohol as these can interrupt the balance of the Ph in your mouth
  • High sugar foods as bacteria love to feed on them
  • Foods that are processed or contain preservatives
  • Soda drinks


By limiting your intake of these foods, or better yet cutting them out completely, you can limit the amount of harmful bacteria that is able to grow in your mouth.


Diet Is Not Enough Alone


Even if you do cut out all of the above, it is not enough by itself to get rid of gum disease. In addition to eating well, you have to make oral hygiene a real priority. You can do this by:


  • Using natural products, such as OraMD, to kill the bacteria that can lead to gum disease and receding gums. Mint oil is an effective anti-bacterial and OraMD contains an effective potency of it to remove bacteria. You can also use the product as toothpaste, rinse and topical agent.
  • Visit the dentist and have your teeth thoroughly cleaned every six months at least. They are able to get rid of the bacteria and plaque that hide out under the gum line.
  • Make sure that you floss regularly in order to remove food particles from your mouth that are also guilty of causing which bacteria build up.


By doing all of the above you are able to get rid of gingivitis, periodontitis and even restore receding gums effectively.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene