One of the causes of receding gums and gum disease can be hormonal changes or upheaveals. This is one of the reasons that women tend to be more susceptible to developing the condition. If you are experiencing receding gums and you are already looking after your oral hygiene routine carefully, then you may need to consider that there is an underlying cause of the condition such as hormones.


Hormones are necessary for various activities in the body, but sometimes the levels of hormones can cause problems and may lead to conditions such as gum disease developing.


Who Is Affected?


As mentioned, women are often the victims of receding gums. The main reason that women tend to be more affected is that they are the ones that experience periods of hormonal upheaval more frequently than men. The reason is that as your body goes through fluctuations your body can  become more sensitive and this can lead to more bacteria being produced and accumulating in the mouth. There are some key times when women should be especially careful of their gum health:


  • Puberty: during puberty girls experience a great deal of hormonal fluctuations and this can cause gum sensitivity.
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormones are going crazy all around the body and the immune system may go into overdrive trying to control the bacteria that grows as a result. This can cause gum disease and cause receding gums. It is common knowledge that women often have dental problems during pregnancy, so you should be extra vigilant about your oral health when you are pregnant.
  • Menopause: when women go through menopause there is again a period of hormonal upheaval and this can make the gums sensitive and lead to conditions such as receding gums.


If you suspect that hormonal upheaval may be behind your receding gums, then you should visit your dentist or doctor to discuss your concerns. On the other hand, if you are going to be entering a time of hormonal upheaval, then you should be extra careful about your oral health to ensure that you do not develop the condition. In most cases, gum disease and receding gums are caused by poor oral hygiene and with the assistance of your dentist and careful dental routines at home you can correct the condition.

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