If you have diabetes, then you have to be sure to take good care of your overall health as well as your oral health. As a diabetic you are more likely to develop many different health conditions – one of which is periodontal disease and other gum diseases. If you know the risk factors, then you can protect yourself from them and hopefully prevent yourself from ever having to deal with the symptoms of these oral diseases. If you have been diagnosed as a diabetic, or pre-diabetic, then there are a number of things to understand.


Understanding Periodontal Disease


To better understand the connection between diabetes and gum disease, you have to understand the cause of periodontal disease. Gum disease is primarily caused by bacteria building up in the mouth and reproducing rapidly. For people who have diabetes, there is often a higher amount of sugar present in the saliva and this allows bacteria to feed and grow much more easily than in people who do not have this condition. You can get rid of the bacteria in your mouth, but to do so you have to be diligent with your oral care and try to keep your sugar levels controlled.




Unfortunately diabetes is a growing health problem with millions of people being diagnosed each year with adult onset diabetes. It is a serious health condition and one that you have to learn to monitor very carefully in order to maintain your health and prevent experiencing many side effects. People who have diabetes have to monitor their diet and food intake carefully to keep the sugar levels in the blood controlled. As a diabetic you are more prone to infections in every part of your body including your mouth.


It is not a given that you will develop periodontal disease if you are diabetic, but you do have to look after your dental health. Fight off the condition by understanding the following steps and complying with them –


  • Make sure you understand the connection between bacteria in the mouth and periodontal disease and why diabetes can facilitate bacteria growth in your mouth.
  • Use oral health products such as OraMD to combat the bacteria growth inside your mouth. Doing this will protect your gums from the effects of bacteria and can stop the condition in its tracks.
  • Visit your dentist every six months to have a general check up and have any harder to reach plaque removed from your teeth. Make sure that your dentist knows that you are diabetic too.


If you know about these factors, then you can fight periodontal disease more effectively. Diabetes does compromise your health and leave you more susceptible to many health conditions – but with vigilance you can control the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

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