There a number of ways to treat mouth ulcers however not all of them are what you would call conventional. This is because many of the methods you find are things that people have passed on and work for them. You may need to try a number of different options to get the relief you are looking for and to be able to know what will work. Sometimes just trying something new will give you the best option in regards to how to have a good recovery from your mouth ulcers.


Many of the different options to treat mouth ulcers may seem unconventional, but there has been some level of success with all of them in one way or another. By using these to treat your mouth ulcers you may be able to avoid a trip to the dentist to look at them and give you a prescription for something you have that may work already.


Some Home Remedy Options


There are many different things that people can try in order to be able to get the relief they need and to be able to go about functioning without the pain. Here are some options to consider trying to provide the relief you need:


  • Try gargling and rinsing with buttermilk. It does not taste good, but seems very effective.
  • Use baking soda in powder form. Rub it directly on the sore. It will burn for a little while, but will be worth the relief.
  • Mixing powdered alum and honey into a paste also works to heal and relieve the pain of sores.
  • Gargling with luke warm salt water is another recommended home remedy


No matter which of these options you decide to use, you will need to determine which option will work best to provide you with relief that you need to keep your mouth happy.


While good oral hygiene does not treat mouth ulcers, it does go a long way in letting them not get out of hand and disruptive. Look at what it is you can do make the pain not occur. Try to go over your oral hygiene habits. These will work to keep you from having to deal with as many or as painful mouth ulcers.


Consider adding a new product into the mix such as OraMD. It will help to keep your mouth cleaner than it was. It will not treat mouth ulcers; however it will help in the prevention steps if used properly.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene