The best way to avoid ruining your smile is to prevent anything from harming it. While accidents do happen, there are certain things you can keep away from. One of these is inflamed gums. If you prevent red gums, you stop gum disease from happening. In doing this, you ensure you will retain your teeth and, therefore, your healthy smile.

Inflamed Gums

The description “inflamed gums” says it all. They are a contrast to healthy gums which are pale coral pink. There are several possible causes of inflamed gums. Some are a lack of proper nutrition particularly those foods containing vitamins C. Diabetes and liver and kidney disorders can also cause inflamed gums. However, the most common cause is gum disease. This occurs when bacteria build-up on your teeth and gums. The bacteria then form bacteria-concealing plaque. This substance secretes toxins which attack the enamel, bones and tissue supporting the teeth. The result is obvious – sensitive and inflamed gums.

Bacteria form small pockets, between your gums and teeth. This causes gaps to appear between the teeth and the gum line to retreat.  After a certain time, tartar will appear. This is a clear sign gum disease is no longer in the early stage – gingivitis. It is has now progressed to stage two – periodontitis. A remedy is now neither simple nor inexpensive. Teeth scaling or cleaning is no longer enough. You may now need surgery.

Simple Tips to Prevent Inflamed Gums

You can avoid surgery. You can even prevent inflamed gums and gum disease from occurring. Simply follow these few simple tips.


  • Eat wholesome food. Your diet should contain lots of fresh fruit and vegetables but fewer complex carbohydrates and sugars
  • Exercise. It not only helps you stay in shape, it helps you feel good about yourself. In turn, you will care about what you eat and how you look, including your smile.
  • Implement a solid oral hygiene practice. Brush your teeth every day. Employ a toothbrush with soft-bristles teamed with high quality toothpaste. An all-natural product such as OraMD meets these standards. You can also use it to fulfill another role in your oral hygiene program -mouth rinse
  • Oral hygiene consists of more than brushing your teeth daily. It requires both flossing and rinsing. You need to do both daily. Make sure the dental floss is not too wide or it will damage your gums. If you do not want to rise with OraMD, consider plain salt and water or a commercial mouthwash without an alcohol-base.
  • Make an annual pilgrimage to your dentist for a check-up. This will nip oral hygiene problems in the bud.
  • Once or twice a year see your dentist or a dental hygienist for a good cleaning



Remedies are possible for inflamed gums. Prevention, however, is better. Catch the dental issue before it becomes a serious problem. This ensures you can treat it easily and effectively. Meanwhile, eat right, exercise regularly and take care of your teeth and gums through a program of proper oral hygiene.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene