You should never overlook such problems as inflamed gums or aching teeth. You need to find out what cause them. Only a dentist can tell you what is wrong. If it is gum disease, he or she will know how to treat it. Yet, what do you do until then?

While waiting to see the Dentist

While waiting to see the dentist, you can turn to over the counter (OTC) medications.  You can also calm any pain naturally. To do so, you can employ any of the following remedies:


  • Myrrh liquid extract mixed in water. Swish your mouth out thoroughly then spit it out. You can use twice a day for relief.
  • Aloe Vera gel – Break a capsule or take a leaf from a living plant. Apply the gel onto your gums.
  • Salt and ginger – Create a paste of the two. Apply to gums
  • Lemon tea – Boil water. Add a sliced, fresh lemon. Turn heat off and allow it to cool. Drink it slowly, but allow some to linger in your mouth to soothe the inflamed gums.
  • Peppermint tea – Boil water then pour over fresh peppermint leaves. Let cool. Drink.
  • Warm water and salt – Combine. Rinse out your mouth.


These are temporary measures. Your dentist will prescribe a natural means of keeping your mouth healthy.

Preventing Inflamed Gums and Gum Disease Naturally

To prevent the occurrence of inflamed gums and gum disease naturally requires you reconsidering how you take care of your teeth. It also means you look at how you live. What do you eat? Does your diet consist of too many starchy, fatty and sugary over processed food? If so, cut down on them. Both fat and sugar eat away at the enamel of your teeth. They are also desirable food for bad bacteria.

Decrease the junk food an increase your intake of raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Buy them in season. Make sure you balance out your diet with the right types and amounts of vitamins and minerals. This will prevent the causes of some forms of gum disease e.g. scurvy and malnutrition. The same applies to the amount of calcium in your diet. This helps you form strong teeth and bones. If you have intolerance to milk products, find alternatives.

Oral hygiene is another basic way to stop bacterial growth and control inflamed gums and gum disease. This practice involves you choosing and using the right tools. Requirements include


  • Selecting a soft-bristled for use after every meal and snacks. All types of natural toothpaste products are readily available. Baking soda is one. You may also consider all-natural toothpastes such as OraMD
  • Choosing a natural rinse or mouthwash. Your best bet is salt and water or a non-alcoholic-based, all-natural mouthwash such as OraMD
  • Purchasing dental floss – A specialty store may carry a natural or at least environmentally friendly floss.




You can employ natural remedies to help with the pain of inflamed gums. You need to see a dentist, however, to discover the cause and remedy the actual problem of gum disease. Your dentist is trained to help you take responsibility and can tell you which natural products have proven to be effective.

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