If you have noticed some of the symptoms of gum disease, then there are certainly factors that will be contributing to its appearance. By becoming aware of some of the things that can cause gum disease, you will be able to minimize them and drastically increase your chances of overcoming the condition quickly.


Gum disease occurs when there is a build up of plaque in the mouth at the base of the tooth. If this plaque is left to increase, then it can turn into tartar, which rots the root of the tooth and forces the gums to recede. Since the gums are the support base of the teeth, when they recede too far the teeth can fall out.


There are various factors that can contribute to the appearance of gum disease. One of the most common reasons that people develop gum disease is because they smoke. Smoking limits the supply of oxygen to the cell – including the gums. This means that nutrients cannot be properly absorbed and the gums find it much more difficult to fight off infection. This means that smokers run a very high risk of developing gum disease.


Clenching or grinding teeth can also lead to gum disease. This is because these actions place a lot of strain on the teeth moving around the teeth and also on the gums, which have to attempt to support the teeth under pressure. When gums are already week due to plaque growth around the tooth base, then the added pressure from grinding can facilitate gum disease.


Diabetics are also more likely to develop gum disease since they tend to have higher sugar levels in their saliva, which encourages bacterial growth in the mouth.


You may also be genetically predisposed to gum disease. It is worth finding out if anyone in your family has suffered from gum disease and take it as a hint to be extra diligent with your home oral hygiene routine.


Stress is another factor that can lead to the occurrence of gum disease. This is because stress levels affect our immune systems and prevent our bodies from being able to fight off infection as readily as they normally would. Taking steps to reduce stress will benefit not only your gums and oral health, but your overall well being.

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