If you suspect that all is not right with your oral health and you may be suffering from gum disease, then you need to visit a dentist for confirmation and a proper diagnosis of the extent of the condition. If you find that you do have gum disease, then there are likely to be a number of risk factors in your life that have led to the disease forming on your gums.


Gum disease is caused by bacteria, which leads to plaque build up on the base of the teeth – where the gums meet the teeth. If the plaque is left there, then it turns into tartar and this rots the teeth and causes the gums to recede and become infected. At the advanced stage, the teeth can fall out and you may even require surgical procedures to restore the gum health.


There are certain factors that facilitate the arrival of gum disease in your mouth. One of the main causes of gum disease is smoking. This is because the cigarette smoke prevents oxygen from circulating effectively around your gums and limits the removal of toxins and bacteria and stops nutrients from being absorbed properly. It also stops the body from effectively fighting off infections – such as the bacterial infection that is generally present with gum disease.


Grinding your teeth in your sleep or clenching your jaw can also affect your gum health. These actions can affect the tooth enamel and the gum line making tooth loosen, if there is also a plaque build up, then the added grinding can speed up the advancement of the gum disease.


Diabetics are also at higher risk of developing gum disease since the fluctuating blood sugar levels often lead to more glucose present in the saliva. Bacteria love glucose and flourish in a moist, sugary environment – this heightened bacterial level leads to more plaque, which in turn opens the door to gum disease.


Some people seem to be simply more genetically predisposed to gum disease than others. If you know family members who suffer, or have suffered from the condition, then it is best if you take up preventative measures early on.

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