Gum disease is a very common condition among American adults, but if it is left to its own devices it can become a serious problem. If however, you seek prompt treatment when it first starts, you can stop gum disease in its tracks and reverse the condition altogether. Not only can you reverse gum disease when you first notice the symptoms, you can also prevent the condition from developing at all.


Two Main Ways To Prevent Gum Disease
Gum disease is caused by a build up of bacteria inside your mouth. If the bacteria is left to flourish, it is likely that over time you will start to see the signs of gingivitis occurring. These symptoms include – bad breath, bleeding gums when you brush or floss, sensitive or swollen gums and even wobbly or loose teeth. If you leave the condition to worsen, then it will become periodontitis, which is a more serious condition that can result in you losing your teeth.

You should ideally be visiting your dentist for a check up every six months. But as soon as you notice the signs of gingivitis, you should make an appointment to visit your dentist for a check up and clean. They will get rid of some of the plaque that is building up around your gum line and leads to gingivitis and gum disease. If you visit the dentist at the first sign of a problem, you are likely to be able to eradicate the problem quickly and easily.
Your dentist may remind you of the following:


  • Be careful of what you eat – reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods you are eating and increase fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains.
  • Follow a thorough oral hygiene routine at home. Get your dentist to show you how to properly brush your teeth and floss and recommend a mouth wash.


Effective Oral Hygiene – Preventative and Treatment
Proper oral hygiene is the very best treatment to get rid of gum disease and it will prevent many future dental problems. You can also find effective supplements such as OraMD that can help to kill off the bacteria that lead to gum disease. These natural products are very effective and do not have any side effects.

Your daily oral hygiene routine should look like this –


  • Floss teeth before brushing
  • Brush at least twice a day after meals
  • Use an alcoholic free mouthwash everyday


It is really not hard at all to prevent developing gum disease if you are careful to cut down on junk and sugar in your diet, eat more fresh foods and follow a consistent dental health routine at home.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene