There are certain factors, which have been found to contribute to the onset of gum disease. There are two main groups of people who can be affected by gum disease, these are – people who are otherwise in top health and others who have an underlying health condition causing the gum disease.


The first group of people, who are otherwise healthy, generally contract the condition as a result of certain lifestyle choices. These factors can include – smoking, stress levels, diet and oral health routine. If you do not manage the above factors correctly, then they can all lead to gum disease, which can also begin to affect other areas of your health.


If you eat a lot of sugary or starched foods, then you are likely to do damage to your mouth, teeth and gums. This is because these foods facilitate bacteria growth, which leads to more plaque forming and weakening the teeth and gums. In order to fight the build up of bacteria, plaque and tartar, you have to brush, floss and use mouth wash to eradicate the bacteria. People often use the wrong technique when brushing, which means that some of the bacteria is left on the teeth and gums – it is a good idea to get your dentist to show you how to brush correctly.


Smoking also causes gum disease as it prevents oxygen being delivered to  the gums effectively and this limits the body’s ability to fight infection and facilitates bacterial growth. Things like tea, coffee and alcohol can also upset the balance of the mouth Ph and lead to increased bacteria production.


Stress levels can also affect the immune system and your ability to fight off infection in all parts of your body including the gums. Trying to reduce your stress levels will certainly benefit your gum health in addition to your overall well being. Getting enough exercise leads to better health outcomes since your circulation will be improved and all body systems will be able to operate more efficiently.


By overhauling your oral health and reducing the impact that certain lifestyle factors can have on your body, you will be able to stop gum disease in its tracks and enjoy long-lasting oral health.

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