The real deal is that looking after your gum disease begins at home. A consistent and effective dental hygiene routine at home can not only prevent the condition from occurring, but in its early stages, it is often all that is required to treat the condition and stop it from coming back. Without good oral health at home, there is very little that your dentist can do to help you in the long term.


Brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouth wash are the three steps that can protect your overall tooth and gum health well into the future.


Gum disease generally has two stages – the first stage is known as gingivitis. This stage is totally reversible with a check up and clean at the dentist and good home oral care. If you allow the condition to progress to the second stage you will need more serious intervention at the dentist, which may include surgical procedures, and there are serious consequences for your health.


At the first stage the dentist can clean the teeth and gums eradicating the build up of bacteria in the mouth. They flush away the bacteria at the root of the tooth under the gum line and can restore the gum health. This treatment is generally done in two stages – first cleaning one part of the mouth and then the other. This procedure however, will be worthless if you do not maintain good oral hygiene at home afterwards.


In the second stage of gum disease there are non-surgical and surgical procedures that may be performed. One of the procedures is known as flap surgery and it involves pulling back the gum flaps around the base of the tooth to clean out the bacteria and plaque there. It is then stitched back into place around the teeth. There may also be tissue grafts done where new tissue grows to repair the damaged gum tissue. Laser therapy is another option, which is able to reshape the gum and laser the infected gum tissue.


Prevention is always better than a cure, so if you can prevent getting the condition at all through proper oral hygiene or catch the condition in the early stages, then you will not have to endure the more invasive techniques to overcome gum disease.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene