It may not seem like a big deal, but healthy gums are an important part of how your teeth and smile look and your overall good dental health. If you already have healthy gums and teeth, it is vital to keep them that way with good dental hygiene practices and regular dental visits. However there are a few habits and medical conditions that can make it more difficult to prevent gum disease. In these cases, it is essential to continue with your gums hygiene religiously for the best possible outcome.

  • smoking and periodontal disease
  • connection between gum disease and heart disease
  • gum disease and diabetes

Your risk of gum disease while smoking is dramatically higher than those risks for a non smoker. The causes of gum disease are an over production of bacteria and dry mouth. Smokers notoriously have problems with dry mouth. A good gum disease prevention method is to stop smoking immediately. If that just isn’t going to work, you have to make sure you are stringent about gums hygiene and keeping the body hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids if you find it difficult to quit the habit.

As if fighting against heart disease weren’t enough to worry about, researchers have known for some time that patients with heart disease are at a higher risk for gum disease. At the first sign of a gum disease symptom, people with this medical difficulty should contact both their dentist and their doctor. It will likely be necessary to have the expertise of both professionals to combat the effects of heart gum disease. Working together, the two can determine if an antibiotic gum disease treatment is necessary.

Any diabetic can tell you that any infection or wound they may suffer is harder to heal than for someone without this disease. Like those with heart disease, diabetics will need to notify their medical and dental teams as soon as possible when they develop a gum problem. Burning gums are a common complaint for those with gum disease and diabetes. These patients will need a great gum disease remedy to help their lower defenses fight off the gum disease infection. Diabetic people are also encouraged to practice good gum disease prevention habits.

While it’s not gums toothpaste, OraMD is a great product for anyone who wants to protect his or her healthy gums. Understanding sore gums is not something to be taken lightly and that it should be treated as quickly as possible will keep gum disease from becoming a big problem.

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