Lots of people are concerned about the appearance of their teeth and gums. It’s only natural to want to look your best. It has lead to using homemade teeth whiteners and heading to cosmetic dentists for the latest teeth enhancing procedures. With all of this emphasis on good looking teeth, you would think more people would be concerned about learning how to prevent gum disease. While drinking coffee and tea can stain the teeth, the symptoms of gum disease can make you lose your teeth. Some priorities are necessary here. Before you rush out to make an appointment for a dentist cleaning and whitening, brush up on your gum disease prevention techniques.

  • regular teeth and gums hygiene
  • making and keeping routine dental appointments
  • treating the teeth and gums gently

You were likely taught good dental hygiene skills when you were a child. Most of us can remember being instructed on the right brushing and flossing skills. It’s time to bring those lessons back to the front of your mind and use them to prevent gum disease. Nothing much has changed, you still need to brush at least twice a day and make sure you floss daily. You have a much better chance of reducing the risk of teeth disease if you religiously take care of your oral hygiene. The gingivitis symptoms come on slowly, preempt them with proper teeth and gums care.


Every relationship takes time and effort to be worthwhile. By the way, your dentist called to say they miss you. Like doctors, dentists often only hear from their patients when something is wrong. If you devote just two hours a year to this relationship you can catch the early symptoms of gum disease and have it treated before it becomes a huge problem. Besides, a dentist cleaning is just nice. You always leave feeling like your teeth look great. This is also the time to address any inflamed gums problems or anything out of the ordinary.


It should be pretty clear that gums need to be treated gently, yet effectively. If you take a second to read through your gums toothpaste the chances are good you are going to see some pretty harsh ingredients listed. Natural gum disease treatments and prevention shouldn’t be a risk to your oral health. Consider using only pure, essential oils for cleaning your teeth and gums.


OraMD is an excellent natural product to help you prevent gum disease. There are many types of treatment for gum disease, but it provides amazing natural properties from the citrus and mint families.

3 Steps to Superior Oral Hygiene