Unless you have been faced with the damage gum disease causes, you may not understand what is so important about finding a gum disease cure. The truth is this common dental condition is easily treated even in more severe gum disease cases. However the expense, emotional anguish, and oral damage can be extensive. For a clearer picture of gum disease, take a look at the various stages of the disease and how it is usually treated.

  • early gum disease
  • moderate signs of gum disease
  • advanced gum disease

Just to be clear, it’s important to know that periodontal gum disease is caused by bacteria. It’s one great big bacterial infection. In the early stages, the symptoms of gum disease are likely to hard to detect. You will probably notice some bad breath you can’t seem to get rid of and possibly sensitive gums. Red, swollen gums that seem to get better and than worsen again aren’t uncommon. Another common symptom of gum disease is bleeding gums. They may bleed when you brush your teeth or eat hard foods like raw vegetables and chips.


The moderate stage of gum disease involves the gum disease signs listed above plus some extra special symptoms. Take all of the above gum disease signs and make them worse. You may even begin to visibly see receding gums and have a severe sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages. Instead of having a normal appearance, due to the receding gums, your smile may begin to look “long toothed.” Treatment at this stage could be scaling and root planting. It’s designed to eliminate the gum disease bacteria and prep the damaged tooth tissue for gum regeneration.


Severe gum disease is more trouble than it’s worth, considering it could have been eliminated in the early stages. The symptoms are all of the above with extras like loose teeth and gray, white infection pockets along the gum line. You will likely notice a lot of discomfort if it gets to this stage. Standard treatments for this type of gum disease is soft tissue or bone graft and if it’s too late, extracting the damaged teeth and installing a bridge or dentures.


After all of that, you can clearly see why gum disease cure options are so important. Consider a safe, natural, and effective product like OraMD to help the healing process. Learning to prevent gum disease naturally is the best way to ensure your oral health.

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