We all have enough to worry about without adding something like periodontal gum disease into the mix. Unfortunately, it does require attention as this common dental disease affects over 80% of adults worldwide at some time in their lives. Tooth and gum disease is the cause of more bridges and dentures being made than any other dental condition. Part of the problem with gum disease prevention is that despite the best efforts of the dental community, this is still a widely unrecognised problem. For your teeth, gums, and oral health, take the time to become educated about this potentially oral altering disease.

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Gingivitis gum disease can be indirectly caused by poor dental hygiene; however the main cause is bacteria. The entire disease is pretty much one big bacterial infection. Naturally your best line of defense is regular visits to the dentist and taking care of your dental health everyday. Some research has suggested that natural gums care is more effective and safer than using the standard store bought toothpaste and other dental products. To safely take care of your teeth and gums in between dentist cleanings consider an all natural dental product.

The early signs of gum disease can be easy to overlook. For some people, it may start out with minor sensitive gums and work its way into something more serious. Chronic bad breath that won’t go away no matter how much you brush or how many breath mints you use is an indication that bacteria is at work. The gums often go from slightly irritated to red and swollen. Bleeding gums aren’t uncommon in the early part of periodontal gum disease either. If you notice any of these symptoms the best thing to do is seek dental help immediately.


There isn’t any reason to panic if you are diagnosed with gum disease. The effectiveness and variety found in gingivitis treatments now is a huge relief. If you catch the disease quickly enough, your dentist may recommend a deep dentist cleaning and perhaps antibiotic gum disease medication. For more intense damage you may need a gum regeneration procedure or scaling and root planting. One thing to remember is importance of a gum disease cure, and that it is right around the corner.


Consider making OraMD a part of your periodontal gum disease treatment. It has helped many people in their quest for an effective gum disease cure.

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