The diagnosis of gum disease is enough to send any thinking person into a tailspin of trying to find all available gum disease treatment options. Fortunately, there are many effective gum disease treatments to choose from and your dentist can help you decide which one are right for you and the severity of your gum disease. In order to understand your options best, you will need some basic information about this most common of diseases of the gums and know that dentures don’t have to be a part of your future.

  • recognising the symptoms of gum disease
  • the dangers of regular gums toothpaste
  • treatments for gum disease

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you are at risk for a serious gum infection. The symptoms are often painless and begin so slowly you have no idea there is a problem until it’s late in the process. If you take a look at a gum disease picture, you will notice red, sometimes white and gray gums. This is the infection set into the gum line and denotes a more serious stage of gum disease. If your gums are irritated and you notice you have chronic bad breath no matter how much you brush or use breath freshening products, the chances are good you have a case of gum disease and should contact your dentist for help.


You should always practice good dental care, but have you ever wondered why toothpaste comes with a warning label? It’s due to the harsh chemicals and ingredients added to these products. Especially when you are reversing gum disease symptoms, the last thing you want is to further aggravate or dry out the mouth. Receding gum disease responds very well to all natural dental products. You may want to use your old toothpaste on the dog’s gums and save yours from the possible adverse side effects of those ingredients.


Depending on the severity and type of gum disease, the method the dentist will use to cure gums varies. In some cases, a deep cleaning and antibiotic topical medication is enough. For more severe cases, there are a variety of procedures and surgeries that can be used before you have to face losing your teeth or dealing with infected, swollen gums.


Your best course of action is to prevent gum disease with an all natural product like OraMD. Gum disease treatment options have come a long way in recent history. Healthy teeth and gums can be yours again when you make the right oral health decisions.

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