When it comes to your dental health, one of the most important questions to ask is what is gum disease. This common dental problem causes millions of adults problems with soft gums, sensitive gums, and can lead to loose teeth and potentially tooth loss if not treated. Fortunately with the correct approach and dental care, periodontal disease can be avoided and successfully treated. The key is to be aware of the problem and the possibility of serious oral repercussions if it isn’t handled quickly and efficiently.

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The causes of teeth gum disease is are very simple to understand. The main cause is a bacterial infection that affects the soft tissue of the mouth. It attacks the gums and can lead to chronic halitosis. Sufferers will first notice a tingling sensation in the gums and possible bleeding during regular dental hygiene practices. If it is left untreated, or oral hygiene practices don’t improve, serious damage to the gums and teeth is likely.


We have already briefly discussed the common symptoms of gum disease, but it’s important to be on the lookout for others as well. In the later stages of the disease, patients experience painful, receding gums and a change in the way the teeth fit together. This development leads to wobbling teeth and the very real possibility of tooth loss. People with chronic illness like diabetes and heart disease are at an increased risk. Periodontal disease with heart conditions is more likely as a result of the body’s lowered immune system function. The same applies to diabetes and gum disease. For people with heart disease or diabetes, gum disease has to be treated carefully.


In the quest for a gum disease remedy, you will learn there are many natural and traditional treatments for this common problem. Obviously practicing good gum disease prevention methods is essential. Beyond that, some dentists will prescribe antibiotic for gum disease medications and gums surgery is also used to restore natural gums health. If at all possible, products containing natural ingredients to reverse gum disease are the safest treatment.

Now that you know the answer to what is gum disease, you are better equipped to stop gum disease before it ruins your dental health. OraMD is one of the most effective natural dental cleaning products available. It also works as an effective gum disease treatment.

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