If you are a woman you already know the perils of taking care of your health. Almost everything is different for a woman than a man. Most of these differences can be attributed to the hormone changes woman experience on an almost constant basis. Believe it or not, your changing hormones play a role in your gum and dental health as well. The appearance of pale gums and chronic bad breath of gum disease are directly affected by hormones at various stages of a woman’s life. While it’s certainly an inconvenience, knowing the signs of gum disease and about different gum disease remedy options can help you navigate these murky waters easier.

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Clearly, the cramps and serious inconvenience of that time of the month isn’t enough. Just for fun some women experience a chronic gum problem starting right before their periods. For those women who suffer with menstruation gingivitis swollen gums and the appearance of sores on the gums are common. The condition will occur about a week before the period’s start and stop once the period has begun. No one is really sure why this phenomenon occurs other than blaming it on the severe hormone fluxuation of this time.


Once again in addition to the normal concerns an expecting mother experiences during pregnancy, some ladies are forced to deal with pregnancy gum disease. Pregnancy gums can be red, swollen, and form large lumps. Thankfully the lumps generally aren’t painful and can be removed if they don’t diminish on their own. It is always recommended for a woman planning to become pregnant to visit her dentist first. He or she can screen for potential pregnancy gum disease warning signs. On top of the other common symptoms of pregnancy, you don’t want to have to deal with bleeding gums during pregnancy as well.


Menopause is well known for being a milestone in a woman’s life. Just when things should start to be easier, you find yourself at a higher risk for needing mouth gum disease treatment. Many women wonder what is gum disease, and what does it have to do with menopause? Menopause is attributed to the lower levels of estrogen the body is producing and many women find hormone replacement therapy to help with the gum disease symptoms. Fortunately the treatments for gum disease are very effective and you can be on your way to pain free gums relatively quickly.


Considering chemical levels are part of your personal gum disease problems, it’s worth looking into all natural dental products like OraMD. This product is good for treating pregnancy gums, pale gums, and all of the other symptoms of gum disease.

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