Dental educators and professionals have tried very hard to get the word out about gingivitis gum disease. This common dental problem affects most adults at some point in their lives and the sad part is that it is largely preventable. The key element of protecting your gums’ health is regular dental appointments and taking excellent care of your teeth and gums everyday with good dental hygiene practices. Another way to help keep your gums and teeth healthy is to know all you can about the gingivitis symptoms and how to treat it if the need arises.

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If you were to look at a gum disease pic, there are certain features you would likely notice right away. The gums often look swollen and red and in more advanced gum disease cases, you will probably see pockets of infection that appear white or gray along the gum line. In the early stages, an increased sensitivity in the gums, constant bad breath, and possibly a metallic taste in the mouth are classic examples of the symptoms. Bleeding gums aren’t uncommon either and many people are desperate to find a bleeding gum remedy. In the later stages of the disease, it’s likely you would notice a change in your bite, loose teeth, and receding gums.

Contrary to popular belief, periodontal gum disease isn’t caused by poor dental gums hygiene alone. While a good dental care routine is imperative to preventing periodontal gum disease, it is actually caused by an over production of a certain type of bacteria. This bacterium is supposed to be present in the mouth, but when it gets out of hand, gum disease is almost always the result. The good news is a good gums treatment can eliminate and reverse the damage caused.


Especially in the early stages of this common disease, you can choose to treat it with a home treatment for gum disease. Essential oils are exceptionally good for this purpose. In the citrus and mint families in particular, those oils contain properties that are soothing to swelling gums and can fight the bacteria with their natural antiseptic and antibiotic abilities. Many people prefer this type of gum disease cure because there is no adverse side effects related to it and it works effectively.


If you find yourself with a case of gingivitis gum disease consider the natural healing power of OraMD to help you. Gums, teeth, and natural products have never worked so well together until now.

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