It can be pretty upsetting to find out you have gum disease. Many people have the misconception that it means you don’t brush your teeth or have poor gums hygiene practices. While those things can lead to gum disease, they are not a requirement for it. After all over 80% of adults have problems with this common dental disease at some time in the lives. Now is the time to worry less about how the disease started in the first place and more about finding a helpful treatment for gum disease. Once upon a time, you could be assured that dentures were your only options, however thanks to the genius of modern science, you and your dentist have all kinds of ways to correct this problem.

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Just like every person is different; the symptoms of their gum disease may vary as well. There are a few symptoms to watch for regardless, as many people notice similar gum disease signs. One of the first to make an appearance is chronic bad breath followed by bleeding gums during brushing or eating hard foods like raw vegetables or hard candy. Some patients report a sensation similar to burning gums as well. Bleeding gums lead to receding gums that lead to loose or missing teeth. You can see the importance of utilising a gum disease cure.


In the quest of curing gum disease, many useful topical medications and surgeries have been developed to fight the long term effects of gum disease. In gum disease pictures, you will often see white or gray pockets of infection formed along the gum line. Dentists can employ a scaling and root planting technique to eliminate the effects of gum disease. In more extreme cases, gum regeneration and soft tissue grafts can be used. The gum disease laser treatment procedure is a more recent development.


Gum disease surgery isn’t the only option open to you. Infected gums respond well to all natural treatments that don’t further aggravate the inflamed tissue. Any natural gum disease remedy you decide to try should contain mint and citrus oils and come with clear instructions for its use.

One natural treatment for gum disease that has received a lot of notice lately is the OraMD product. This oil based dental cleanser can act as toothpaste and help with the cure for gum disease.

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