Up to 90 per cent of the population is estimated to have gingivitis, which makes it one of the most frequently seen dental problems. Symptoms of this condition include bad breath, even after brushing, bleeding gums and even sore and swollen gums. If the condition is left to worsen, then it can also lead to the loss of teeth and even heart disease.


Gingivitis normally rears its head when the mouth and gums are exposed to too much bacteria. There are bacteria that naturally occur in our mouths, but sometimes the numbers of bacteria get too high for our body to deal with effectively and then you start to see the symptoms of gingivitis. You can avoid this from occurring by brushing, flossing and rinsing out your mouth regularly. It is important that you visit your dentist for regular cleaning to get the harder to remove bacteria and plaque out of the way and to have the dentist teach you how to properly clean your teeth and gums. Many times the condition occurs not because the patient is not brushing, but because they are not doing it properly.


There are some products that can also help to give you that extra edge on gingivitis bacteria. One of the most effective products is simple mint oil. Mint is a natural anti-bacterial and when you use it in a concentrated form, it can be very effective at killing off the germs that cause gingivitis. A further plus is that it is natural and does not have any of the side effects that some of the chemical formulations commercially available can produce.


While gingivitis sounds unpleasant and even a touch scary, it is caused by something relatively simple, which fortunately, means that it is also easily treated in the earlier stages. You cannot avoid having bacteria present in your body, everybody does, but you can prevent the bacteria from multiplying out of control causing gingivitis.


You can use mint as a natural paste and rinse agent to powerfully remove bacteria and get rid of gingivitis leaving you with a fresh mouth and breath. Combine this effective agent with dental office visits and regular brushing and you will be able to get rid of any problems and prevent them from coming back.

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