If you think you might have gingivitis, or your dentist has already indicated that you do, then it is time to start stepping up your oral health routine. There are several ways that you can treat gingivitis, but you should always do so in cooperation with your dentist’s advice and care. Some of the treatment options that you can put into practice may include – home remedies, commercially available treatments and changes to diet and lifestyle.


Home Remedies


Some home remedies can be very effective a treating gingivitis and can often be used alongside treatments that are recommended by the dentist. Many of these treatments have not been proven to work, but do show positive results when used as directed.


Baking soda is an agent that is often used to whiten teeth, but it can also be very effective at killing the bacteria inside your mouth that cause gingivitis. The fizzy baking soca is able to get in between your teeth and under the gum line to flush out the germs effectively. You can use the baking soda as a paste when you mix it with water and then brush your teeth as normal when you have used it.


Increasing your consumption of vitamin C is another method that you can use to protect your teeth and gums. This natural vitamin is able to help to make your gums stronger. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot store vitamin C so you have to ensure that you have a good constant supply in your diet.


Peppermint or mint oil is another effective home remedy that you can use to combat gingivitis. The extract is able to kill bacteria effectively and reduce swelling and redness of the gums. You do need to be careful when you buy it as a concentrate not to use so much that it burns your gums.




OraMD is a natural product, which contains a special formulation of ingredients to kill the gingivitis causing bacteria and stop the condition from spreading and worsening. You can use it after each meal as toothpaste or as a mouth wash.


Change in Lifestyle


In addition to following a good dental routine, you should also take a look at your lifestyle and make some adjustments where necessary. Try to cut out as much sugar and refined foods as you can and take in more vegetables and whole grains. Foods that have a lot of sugar facilitate bacteria growth inside your mouth and causes plaque to grow on your teeth. Quitting smoking and exercising will also help to improve your dental health and overall health too.

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