Gingivitis is caused when there is a build up in plaque in the mouth and this plaque, and the bacteria that causes the plaque, can actually lead to more serious health conditions if it is left unchecked for too long. Gingivitis can actually lead to much more serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, adult diabetes and it can affect the overall functioning of your immune system.


Tooth Loss


If gingivitis is left to worsen and you do not seek treatment, it can advance and become a condition that is known as periodontal disease. When this condition is moderate to severe is can cause tooth loss since the gums become so weakened that they can no longer support the teeth. Adult teeth obviously do not grow back and that means that you will have to resort to false teeth or dental implants, which are costly and inconvenient.


Periodontal Disease


If you leave the gingivitis too long it can become periodontal disease and this requires the help of a dentist to rectify. By acting quickly to treat the gingivitis you can usually manage the condition at home with occasional dental visits. If you leave the condition it will worsen to the point where serious intervention is required.


Periodontal disease can be very serious and lead to gum and bone infections and the immune system being compromised when it reaches the more advanced stages.

Other Health Conditions


Gingivitis and gum disease have not yet been directly linked to further health problems, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence and dentists and other medical experts indicated that gum disease is often a sign that there are other health problems lingering about. If you have bad breath, even after brushing, and there is no gum disease, it can be an indication that you have diabetes. Plaque build up on your teeth can also be an indicator that there is build up in your arteries too. Keeping up to date with your medical and dental check ups is important in order to prevent serious conditions from affecting your health.

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