Most people will experience gingivitis symptoms at some point during their lives. If you get treatment and manage to eradicate the problem, then it is easily cured. However, if gingivitis lingers on untreated for too long, it can lead to more serious dental problems further along the road.


Gingivitis occurs when there is a build up of bacteria inside the mouth. Some bacteria inside your mouth is good bacteria, but much of it causes plaque, which leads to gingivitis and other dental problems. Fortunately, through good dental hygiene, you can largely avoid developing the condition at all. Visiting your dentist for a check up regularly is also important as they can remove the hard plaque that brushing cannot get rid of.


By managing the bacteria build up in your mouth, you can usually prevent gingivitis. However, if you leave the condition to develop and worsen, it can lead to much more serious problems.
Early indications of gingivitis are bad breath and bleeding gums. These signs can be irritating, but they are not so dire. If you do notice these symptoms however, you should visit your dentist to have your teeth cleaned and ask them for advice about how to best look after your dental health.


When the gingivitis is beginning to worsen the gums may also start to feel very sore in addition to bleeding. At this point if you continue to ignore the condition, then it can worsen to the point of becoming periodontal disease and this is also associated with heart disease. The gums can begin to recede and you are also likely to lose teeth because of the condition.


In order to avoid the condition worsening and developing more serious symptoms, it is important to employ proper dental care and prevent the condition from ever starting. Make sure that you brush twice a day, floss at least once and use a mouthwash regularly. By doing this you are effectively getting rid of the bacteria in the mouth that causes the condition. A further help is to try and purchase dental products that contain natural ingredients such as mint oil, which is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

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