About OraMD®

About OraMD

The pure ingredients in OraMD® are grown here in the United States, using select varieties of spearmint and peppermint oils with specific properties. Careful timing and farming precision is taken into account when growing, cold-pressing and curing the ingredients that we use in OraMD®. We support the hard work that these farmers put into raising these particular species of plants and expelling the oils from their leaves and seeds.

When we receive the oils, we always allow our peppermint oil to sit in its bottled container for up to three months before using it. This aging process allows the oils to settle, making them more powerful, effective and better tasting. When these oils are ready they are then mixed using our standard operating procedures for mixing a perfect blend of our trademark product.

Each bottle is then handfilled, hand capped, hand labeled and packaged.[no_toc]

Benefits of Using OraMD®

Benefits of Using OraMD

Our blend of essential oils has been clinically proven to eliminate periodontal bacteria, plaque build-up and bad breath while creating a fresh, clean and healthy environment for your mouth.

OraMD® has interdental access to clean the areas between your teeth and gums which can be hard to reach during normal brushing and flossing.  OraMD® can be used as an all-natural mouthwash and a breath freshener.

OraMD® is safe and effective for everyone 3 years and older.  This blend of oils is also safe for braces, veneers, bonds, crowns, fillings and dentures.

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OraMD® Clinical Study

OraMD® Clinical Study

New research study conducted at the Center for Oral Health Research at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY shows OraMD ingredients to have effective antibacterial activity against Gram positive and Gram negative oral bacteria.

The study suggests that the beneficial clinical effects in reducing periodontal inflammation may be due to the antibacterial effects of the oils.

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OraMD® Original Strength

The ingredients in OraMD® Original Strength are blended specifically to help maintain a healthy mouth.  The original strength helps kill periodontal bacteria and provides fresh clean breath.  

OraMD® Extra Strength

OraMD® Extra Strength contains the same ingredients as original, but is blended differently.  This specific blend is more aggressive to help faster with more advanced gum problems. 

OraMD® Breath Spray

OraMD® Breath Spray shares the same ingredients the original strength, but is formulated specifically to kill bad breath on contact.  The compact size makes it great for those on the go!

I just had MY ORAMD MOMENT. I had my annual cleaning and the hygienist said my gums have never looked better.”

Carl Lanore

Super Human Radio

In just a few days, I found myself using this OraMD liquid toothpaste instead of the regular caulk-textured toothpaste products. This product has earned a permanent place in my home, and I think you’ll feel the same once you try it.

Mike Adams

Natural News

You know what I love? When I am somewhat skeptical of a product, I try it and am blown away! That is exactly how I would describe my reaction to OraMD… I was instantly sold on this product.

Carrie Wells, Ed. D.

Carrie Rose is Huppy Mama